Sachin: A Billion Dreams may be screened in Pakistan if cleared by their censor board


May,25 2017 18:46:50 IST

Lahore: Pakistani film exhibitors are keen to screen Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar's upcoming biopic Sachin: A Billion Dreams if the film is cleared by the censor board.

Image from Firstpost

Image from Firstpost

"Since other Indian movies like Baahubali 2 and Half Girlfriend are doing fine, we would like to import Sachin as well. However, its release here is subject to the approval of the censor board," Zoraiz Lashari, Chairman of the Pakistan Films Exhibitors Association, told PTI on 25 May.

He said theatres in Pakistan are banking a lot on Indian movies.

"So far whichever movie from India has been screened here, it did good business," he added.

Directed by James Erskine, Sachin: A Billion Dreams, traces Sachin's journey from a young boy to a cricketing legend.

However, the film's distributor Anil Thadani said the movie will not release in Pakistan as of now because there has been no enquiry regarding the same.

"No it is not (releasing in Pakistan). They (distributors) usually approach us and take the film from us to show it in Pakistan. But we haven't got an enquiry from them so far," Thadani told PTI.

When asked if the decision to not release Sachin in Pakistan is because of the political tension between the two countries, Thadani declined to comment.

Thadani added, "If it doesn't release (in Pakistan) then one loses out (business) but someone needs to pick it up, the terms needs to match."

Before its release on 26 May, the cricket fraternity and Bollywood stars attended the screening of the film on 24 May.

Updated Date: May 25, 2017 18:46 PM