Ryan Reynolds reveals every single Deadpool 2 cameo, including the ones you missed

Ryan Reynolds and the writers of Deadpool 2 list all the cameos in the R-rated superhero movie.

FP Staff May 23, 2018 17:22:35 IST
Ryan Reynolds reveals every single Deadpool 2 cameo, including the ones you missed

[Major Deadpool 2 spoilers ahead.]

Deadpool 2 has been in the theaters for almost a week now. Many have you have already watched the Ryan Reynolds' smash-hit, and might've noticed a number of cameos in the movie. But, there are some cameos that you might have completely missed as well. Fortunately for us, Reynolds has provided a lowdown on the full list of cameos in Deadpool 2.

The X-Men cameos

One of the most prominent cameos in the movie that was definitely spotted by everyone.

In the first movie, Deadpool complains about the studio not having enough money to afford X-Men. He makes the same complaint in the sequel while visiting Professor X’s school. It is in this scene that an open door behind Deadpool reveals James McAvoy’s Professor X, Evan Peters’ Quicksilver, Alexadra Shipp’s Storm, Nicholas Hoult’s Beast, Tye Sheridan's Cyclops and Kodi Smit-McFee’s Nightcrawler. With an annoyed look on their face, they close the door, without Deadpool ever realising who all are behind him.

Brad Pitt

Ryan Reynolds reveals every single Deadpool 2 cameo including the ones you missed

Brad Pitt/Image from Twitter.

One of the most surprising cameos what that of Brad Pitt. In Deadpool 2, the X-Force, assembled by Deadpool and Weasel, perform their first mission which requires them to jump out of a moving plane. The scene was briefly shown in the trailer, but in the actual movie it turns out that each of the new X-Force recruits (except Domino) die amusingly as they descend towards the Earth. One of the characters to die is the Vanisher; a person we don't see as he is invisible. As the Vanisher approaches the Earth, the wind blows him into some electric cables. As he is getting electrocuted to death, we get to see his face, and it's Brad Pitt!

In an interview with Collider, Ryan Reynolds confirms that it was indeed Brad Pitt who was the Vanisher. “Well, I can confirm that that is Brad Pitt,” he said. “I still don’t even know how we got him for the movie. I just wrote him a letter, and explained what it was we were doing. And the sort of premise behind it was how do we, what’s the most wasteful way to use the biggest movie star in the world? And it was through a character that is largely invisible and worthless throughout the movie. And then just having him show up for eight frames of footage. And I guess Brad found that funny, we all found that funny. And he said, yes. And the next thing you know he came and shot for about seven minutes. It took him longer to drink the coffee that he requested as payment.”

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Matt Damon and Alan Tudyk

In the scene where Cable time-travels to Deadpool’s timeline, he comes across two men rambling on and on about toilet paper. One of those two men was the fantastic Alan Tyduk, and the other was a heavily disguised Matt Damon.

Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick talked about Damon’s cameo in an interview to Vulture. “You’ll have to put ‘spoiler alert’ on this,” said Wernick, “but that was Matt Damon as the redneck in the Cable introduction scene.” Reese added, “Nobody’s figured it out. Literally nobody’s figured it out. You’re not the only one. Not a single person has spotted him.”

Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds reveals every single Deadpool 2 cameo including the ones you missed

A scene from X-Men Origins: Wolverine/Image from YouTube.

In the post-credit scene of the movie, Deadpool uses Cable's time-traveling device to "clean up the timeline" (a reference to the famously messed up timelines of the X-Men movies). Ryan Reynolds' first appearance as Deadpool was in 2009's X-Men: Origins - Wolverine, but it was nothing like the Deadpool he plays now. In the 2009 movie, Deadpool's mouth was sewn shut in the scene he fights with Wolverine and Sabretooth. So, in Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds kills the old version of Deadpool as Hugh Jackman's Wolverine looks on and stands there in disbelief.

Ryan Reynolds

Yes, Ryan Reynolds also had a cameo appearance in Deadpool 2. The character of Juggernaut was entirely created by CGI and was voiced by Reynolds himself.

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