Run, Hugh Jackman, run: New Logan poster has Wolverine protecting Laura Kinney

Hugh Jackman's last film as X-men superhero Wolverine has him on the run with Laura Kinney, or X-23 as she is better known.

FP Staff November 15, 2016 12:04:30 IST
Run, Hugh Jackman, run: New Logan poster has Wolverine protecting Laura Kinney

Logan is becoming one of the most anticipated superhero films of 2017 after the first action-packed trailer.

In anticipation for the film, Hugh Jackman and 20th Century Fox have released a new poster featuring the comic-book favourite superheroine X-23. The design features Hugh Jackman‘s title mutant clutching young actress Dafne Keen’s Laura. Laura Kinney, as Marvel fans are well aware, is the name that female Logan clone X-23 later took in the comics:

X-23 aka Laura Kinney made her comic-book debut in 2004, and her origins stem from a group attempting to replicate the Weapon X program, which gave Wolverine his adamantium skeleton, but who decided to go in a different direction and attempt to clone Wolverine outright. The first 22 attempts at cloning Logan failed, which is where the young mutant received her code name after being the first success.

Laura Kinney is a loner like Wolverine has the same set of powers as him: superhuman strength, reflexes, agility, and a healing factor. The primary difference in the pair is X-23 has only two claws on her hands, with an extra that can be popped out of each of her feet.

In the Marvel Comic Book Universe, Laura Kinney or X-23 as she is called is a member of X-Men and X-Force and has taken over the mantle of Wolverine following his death.

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