Rotten Apples: There's now a website to check if a Hollywood film features any sexual harassers

FP Staff

Dec 13, 2017 13:25:01 IST

Prepare to be blown away (just by the sheer genius of the creator of the website and nothing else).

A website called Rotten Apples is here and it lets you check whether anyone from the cast or crew of a Hollywood film has been accused of sexual misconduct. A seemingly simple website, Rotten Apples, has a search bar, in which one can type in the name of a film and the names of the accused will show up. If no one from a film is involved in a sexual misconduct case, the result will be 'Fresh Apples'.

Screengrab from Rotten Apples

Screengrab from Rotten Apples

However, it looks like the site is still in an initial stage and only shows names of prominent personalities.

According to a report by Scroll, the site functions as a search engine and provides a slew of links attached to the name of an accused. It was launched after multiple allegations of sexual harassment and abuse ripped through Hollywood, taking several bigwigs down from positions of power, including Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, among others.

The art versus the artist debate has been rampant for years. There are some people who believe that the art is separate from the artist while there are some, who haven't seen a Polanski film in years, and will scoff at the name of a Woody Allen film.

And so, for people who belong to latter lot — Rotten Apples is live and it's working. Research away.

Updated Date: Dec 13, 2017 13:25:01 IST