Robin Williams did the grossest things to me but I never took offense, says his Mork & Mindy co-star Pam Dawber

FP Staff

Mar 24, 2018 12:03:34 IST

Statements by Robin Williams' Mork & Mindy co-star Pam Dawber reveal that the deceased actor "flashed, humped, bumped and grabbed" her but she never "took offense to it".

MORK & MINDY, Robin Williams, Pam Dawber, 1978-82, © Paramount Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Robin Williams and Pam Dawber in a still from Mork & Mindy. AP

Independent Weekly quotes Dawber, from the recently released biography Robin, as saying, "I had the grossest things done to me by him. I think he probably did it to a lot of people…but it was so much fun. If you put it on paper, you would be appalled. But somehow he had this guileless little thing that he would do – those sparkly eyes. He’d look at you, really playful, like a puppy, all of a sudden. And then he’d grab your tits and then run away. And somehow he could get away with it. It was the Seventies, after all.”

The same report states that Mork & Mindy co-producer Gary Marshall also substantiated Dawber's claims by saying that Williams would often grope his co-star while they were reading lines. They all laughed at his actions and went back to rehearsing without anyone taking offense to his sexual antics. He added that Williams would often strip himself naked during Dawber's solo scenes, just in order to make his unsuspecting co-star "blush".

Williams passed away in 2014 after taking his life owing to effects of Lewy Body Disease.

Updated Date: Mar 24, 2018 12:03:34 IST