Robbed at gunpoint: Here's what exactly happened to Kim Kardashian West in Paris

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Oct,04 2016 11:46:39 IST

Reality star Kim Kardashian West jetted home to the United States on Monday to be comforted by husband Kanye West, after she was held at gunpoint in Paris and robbed of jewelry worth $10 million.

The multi-millionaire mother of two and wife of the American rap superstar was holed up at a luxury apartment in New York's swish Tribeca neighborhood 'badly shaken but physically unharmed' by the assault.

Her husband walked off stage during a concert when he learned of the heist, which put renewed focus on security in France, where tourism has taken a hit following a series of high-profile attacks.

Cellphone footage shows Kanye West ending his performance at the Meadows Music and Arts Festival in Queens, N.Y., on Sunday, the day his wife, Kim Kardashian West, was held up at gunpoint. Courtesy: AP

Kardashian and West stepped out of the back seat of a car after a convoy bristling with bodyguards pulled up to the apartment block, seen in a video posted on celebrity news website TMZ.

Kanye West has postponed a number of tour dates in the wake of the robbery. The rapper cut short his show at the Meadows Festival on Sunday after learning of the traumatic incident and has now pushed two dates back. Tour promoter Live Nation said in a statement: “Due to family concerns, this week’s Philadelphia and Detroit dates on the Saint Pablo Tour have been rescheduled.The Philadelphia show will take place on December 13th and the Detroit show on December 22nd.” It’s set to kick off again on October 7 in Chicago.

Kardashian kept her head down and ignored questions from reporters about how she was doing, her long hair hiding her face. She wore baggy eggplant-colored pants, towering black stilettos and a plunging black top.

West kept to his usual street cool of jogging bottoms, green raincoat and a grey hoodie as he followed his wife into the building, where a five-bedroom penthouse was recently on the market for $24.5 million.

Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner also entered the apartment building, dressed in black and also ignoring questions from reporters about her and her daughter's state of mind.

Her daughter — a California-based TV and social media star who earned $51 million last year, according to Forbes — has yet to speak publicly about the assault.

French police said the 35-year-old was 'tied up and locked in the bathroom' of a residence in the chic Madeleine district of Paris, near the city's main department stores. The crime occurred at 2:30 am (0030 GMT) on Monday.

File Photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Image courtesy: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

File Photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Image courtesy: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Masked men dressed as cops 

The robbers made off with a ring worth around four million euros ($4.5 million) and a case of jewelry with a value of five million euros ($5.6 million), a police source said. Two mobile phones were also taken.

Five men were involved, two of whom entered Kardashian's bedroom in the luxury residence where she has stayed before, police said.

The robbers zip-tied Kardashian's hands with plastic handcuffs, duct-taped her mouth and ankles, dumping her in the bathtub, TMZ reported. The star told police that she feared she was about to be raped, the website said.

The robbers allegedly kept saying 'ring, ring' and Kardashian told them where to find a new ring given by her husband, TMZ added.

Kardashian had posted a photograph of the huge diamond sparkler— reportedly a 20-carat ring by Lorraine Schwartz — on her finger, while resting her chin on her hand, mouth opened to show off gold dental grillz, as well as a black and gold choker and, of course, serious cleavage.

The reality TV star's spokeswoman said "two armed masked men dressed as police officers" burst into her room.

Another member of the gang restrained the building's security guard during the robbery, police said, adding that the guard was unhurt.

Laurent Riquart, a spokesman for the investigative unit of the Paris police, said “Once they were in the building, they tied up the receptionist’s hands,” Mr. Riquart said in a phone interview. “They went up the stairs and entered her room. They tied up her hands and put a gag in her mouth.”

The men appeared to have worn shirts identifying themselves as police officers — but also balaclavas and gloves, which are not part of the police uniform.

The assailants may have fled on bicycles, investigators say.

The star's bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, was absent at the time, providing security for Kardashian's sister Kourtney at a Paris nightclub, an investigation source said.

It is not known whether Kardashian's two young children were with their mother at the time of the robbery.

The entrance of the luxury residence in Paris where masked men robbed the reality television star Kim Kardashian West at gunpoint early on Monday, stealing jewelry worth millions of dollars. Credit Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

The entrance of the luxury residence in Paris where masked men robbed the reality television star Kim Kardashian West at gunpoint early on Monday, stealing jewelry worth millions of dollars. Credit Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

Kim's friend was also in the apartment when robbery took place

Mirror UK reported that Kim’s friend and stylist Simone Harouche was also in the apartment at the time of the robbery. Simone was in a room downstairs while Kim was in bed. “By the time [Kim] escaped Simone had heard noises. She was downstairs and called Pascal not knowing what was going on asking if everything was OK,” said a source.

Her bodyguard Pascal was with Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner at the time of the robbery. He rushed back to the apartment after getting the call from Simone. He’s said to have arrived back just two minutes after the robbers got away.

 Simone Harouche with Kim Kardashian. Image courtesy: Twitter

Simone Harouche with Kim Kardashian. Image courtesy: Twitter

Paris Reacts

Kardashian left France on a private jet after being questioned by police about the robbery. She had been in the French capital attending Paris Fashion Week, including catwalk shows by Balenciaga and Givenchy.

One of the most recognizable US celebrities, Kardashian has been a fixture of celebrity news for more than a decade after the leak of a sex tape and the success of the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In Paris, tourism professionals said such a high-profile incident was disastrous for a city where tourist numbers have declined since jihadist attacks in November killed 130 people.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo sought to downplay the robbery, saying it was "a very rare act that happened in a private space."

Johanna Primevert, chief spokeswoman for the Paris police department, said the attack on Kardashian West shouldn't put off anyone thinking of coming to Paris.

"This kind of incident is extremely rare in Paris. This is a star who is famous worldwide. Do not confuse what happened to Ms. Kardashian and probably was the result of an organized team who had planned their action with the assault of a tourist in front of Notre Dame (cathedral) or another tourist spot in Paris," Primevert said in an interview with the AP at the Paris police headquarters Monday night.

The police spokeswoman suggested possible imprudence from Kardashian West in showing her valuable jewels on social networks and a possible lack of security in that private residence.

"Clearly when you have a star like Kim Kardashian who has, I think, more than 48 million followers on Twitter ... I think this could have happened abroad just as easily as in Paris. It was really the celebrity who was targeted, with possessions that had been seen and noticed via social media, and it was these goods that the attackers targeted," Primevert said.

"It's not the safety in Paris that is involved, it's maybe the security situation in that residence", she insisted.

Primevert said the robbery was "the result of people who obviously posed as policemen." Police and authorities were not aware that Kardashian West was staying in that private location, Primevert said.

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