Rishi Kapoor's comments against Vinod Khanna funeral absentees reek of self-promotion

Bikram Vohra

April 29, 2017 15:30:30 IST

Who gave Rishi Kapoor the right to comment on other film stars regarding their absence from Vinod Khanna’s funeral. Whether they wished to attend it or not is their business and judging them for it is not only unseemly but uncalled for too. You are not the keeper of the Bollywood conscience and this pulpit pounding display of piety is more a self-promotion than anything else.

Even if it was well meaning and had a touch of pathos to it, the condemnation was couched in very poor words and coming on such a sad occasion, it was largely lacking in taste. Why call them 'chamchas' and make rude remarks about their ingratitude, and then go on to use four letter words, which scarcely make it to the standards of etiquette, that he calls for from others.

Rishi Kapoor. CNN News 18

Rishi Kapoor. CNN News 18

People mourn in different ways and say their goodbyes privately. They may have been co-stars or played opposite Vinod as leading ladies but all too often getting to the cremation ground is not easy. You can cry a little on your own, you do not have to publicly show that you are feeling gutted.

Then Kapoor goes on to vent some more righteous anger. When he was asked if he expects amends to be made at the prayer meeting, he says, “Yeah because that’s more of a fashion parade and you want to be in the comforts of air conditioned premises.”

Oh please, that is just mean. You detract from the solemnity of the occasion when you grandstand like this because you know your out of line outrageous comments will get picked up by social media and you will come off smelling like roses. Why be rude?

Also, hey, wait a minute. Stop acting as though everyone in Bollywood is drenched in virtue. In the old days, of which Vinod was part of, there was a certain togetherness, a camaraderie so well put by Amitabh Bachchan on Saturday morning. I remember working with Filmfare and writing for Screen and spending a great deal of time with the stars of that era and even then glimmers of envy and tendrils of malice would be visible. But now, it is pure dog eat dog.

Never has so much negative been written about the new generation of film stars or their loathing for each other canned and spat out. They don't even pretend to be friends and there is no sense of belonging to a fraternity.

When you have those kind of values and the past generation is but a faint glow in the distance you cannot expect the manners of a duchess from the new lot. They do not have those sentiments and their work ethic is entirely different.

By that token, one would have been a lot more impressed by the Rishi Kapoor mandate if he had ticked off Priyanka Chopra for having a party and not cancelling it out of courtesy because a doyen of the industry had just passed away. That he did not do.

He went to both.

And I truly don’t think Vinod would have cared. His family and friends were there, so who needs anyone else.

Updated Date: Apr 29, 2017 15:30 PM