Rishi Kapoor trains Twitter sights on Kim Kardashian: Who are others he's trolled?

FP Staff

Aug,09 2016 10:37:57 IST

There was the fan following Rishi Kapoor amassed as an onscreen heartthrob, from the time he debuted in Bobby in 10973, and continued as a leading man well into the late '90s.

Then there is the fan following he's garnered on social media, all thanks to his acerbic, witty posts on Twitter.

From persistent fans of his son Ranbir Kapoor, to the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, shopping brands, public personalities and even himself, there's no one who is spared Kapoor's acid witticisms.

The most recent target of his Twitter humour is reality star Kim Kardashian. Kapoor shared a meme comparing Kardashian's look at an event with — get this, a mesh bag with onions.

The meme comes a few days after Kapoor found himself in the midst of a controversy over another tweet, concerning US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

While the backlash over the Clinton tweet was immediate, with many calling out Kapoor for sharing a misogynistic, sexist message, the actor himself said it was only meant in fun:

While the Clinton tweet was terribly misjudged to say the least, Kapoor has on the whole managed to stay away from offensive tweets — even if they aren't politically correct.

For instance, here was a tweet on Radhe Ma he once shared:

And on apparel brand Zara:

Then there was the now infamous rant on naming public assets and institutions after members of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty:

Oh, and he made his displeasure at his son's persistent fans evident as well:

In all fairness, Kapoor doesn't spare himself either:

And of course, this classic:

Updated Date: Aug 09, 2016 10:37 AM