Remo review: An out and out Sivakarthikeyan rom com but with wafer-thin plot

Sreedhar Pillai

Oct,07 2016 17:20:57 IST

Remo is an out and out Sivakarthikeyan romcom, where the actor holds fort and provides maximum entertainment. The light-hearted, fun and frolic film, written and directed by debutant Bakkiyaraj Kannan, is meant to boost the image of the actor and push him up the ladder of  star ratings .

The director is less concerned with plot as the story itself is wafer thin.  SK (Sivakarthikeyan) is an aspiring actor who meets famous director KS Ravikumar (cameo by KS Ravikumar himself), asking him to cast him as the hero.

After being pestered by SK, Ravikumar tells him his hero in the next film will be dress as a female character. Meanwhile, SK is introduced in the beginning of the film with a voice over that Cupid is chasing him to fall in love. He then spots a girl at a street corner, and it is love at first sight. She turns out to be a doctor named Kavya (Keerthi Suresh), and SK turns into a nurse Remo to woo her in the hospital.


Sivakarthikeyan in and as Remo.

Sivakarthikeyan is there virtually in every frame of the film as Remo the nurse alias SK the aspiring actor. He brings the house down with his one-liners, comic timing. His ability to mock and lampoon is what makes the film rock. Keerthi Suresh as Kavya is beautiful and is the pivot around which the film revolves.

The supporting cast is full of Tamil film stereotypes and clichés, like an affectionate mother (Saranya Ponvannan), a sidekick/friend (Satish), a roadside romeo (Yogi Babu), a foreign Maapillai  (son-in-law) engaged to the heroine who then turns into a villain.

It is basically influenced by early romcoms and there are hardly any twists as the director plays safe in sticking to typical commercial elements. The idea is to package it as a Sivakarthikeyan entertainer which will go down well with mass audiences.

Technically Remo is slick, with top class cinematography by PC Sriram, his lighting and close-up are pure magic.

Sivakarthikeyan’s make-up as a nurse is one of the highlights of the film, and he carries it with élan. Anirudh’s background score and music video style picturisation of the songs make it peppy.

On the whole Remo is entertaining, provided you leave your brain behind, like the cliche goes. See it for Sivakarthikeyan, the one-man entertainer, who provides some of the craziest moments in the film.

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