Ranveer Singh's sartorial style can only be described as different kinds of wacky — A Fashion Evolution

Parul Sharma

Nov,15 2017 11:32:52 IST

Chic, cringe-worthy or cool. 

Bow-ties, suspenders, waistcoats.

From tacky shoulder-pads to flawlessly fitting suits, we have chronicled it all.

Today, digging deep into our archives, we bring you the fashion evolution of — Ranveer Singh

Oh, who are we kidding?

We thought we'd do this our usual, ordinary, old-fashioned way — but nothing about this man is usual or ordinary. We were forced to mix it up entirely for the phenomenon (because really, what else is he?) that is Ranveer Singh and not only has our timeline gone all hay-wire, but so have our hearts.

So without further ado, here's the evolution of a man who took fashion — and turned it on its head.

The time he dressed normally

There are very few times in Ranveer Singh's life when he has dressed in one maximum two colours, one maximum two prints and one maximum two things that don't resemble a skirt.

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The time he was into skirts

Ranveer took gender roles and fashion norms and neatly tossed them out of the window. He took mainstream, gendered fashion trends and reversed them so that it became acceptable (almost 'cool) for men to wear the kind of clothing that is usually considered 'feminine' in our culture (dhotis and lungis being exceptions). And really — when was the last time someone looked so good in a skirt?

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The time he got experimental with his suits

Somewhere in between the skirts started coming the Suits. Out-of-the-box, quirky, colourful suits with small theatrical elements. It seemed to have opened the eyes of males (and females) world-over and made them realise that 'black-tie event' didn't literally mean black.

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The time he got really experimental with his suits

If the earlier suits had certain theatrical elements, these ones were full-fledged plays within their own rights. There have come times in Ranveer's life when he's been slightly OTT. What's OTT you ask? Over The Top — Punjabi aunty style (we mean no offence, really). You know the famous saying, too many cooks spoil the broth? At times like these, Ranveer is all the cooks, as well as the broth (and the exxtra salt that has spoilt said broth).

pjimage (41)

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That time he was into hats

Ranveer Singh is perhaps the only other individual apart from the men and women at the English Derby, that routinely sports hats — and that's all we're going to say about this.

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He does look quite cute in them though, doesn't he?

That time he sported Indian wear

Kinna sona munda hega ni? Officially making himself one of the rare celebrities that looks just as appealing in Indian wear as he does in western, Ranveer Singh has routinely set our hearts racing when he dons Indian clothing, owing to the fact that he's god gift to Mankind and all.

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The time he wore his own name (and the Invisibility Cloak from the Harry Potter series)

Because what is fashion, without a little narcissism? The Padmavati star's 'R for Ranveer' on his jacket is the equivalent of Rahul getting Rahul tattooed on himself (and let's be honest, we all know a Rahul).

That Harry Potter inspired Invisibility Cloak though? 10 points to Gryffindor.

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That time he started pushing the boundaries

We should've seen the alarms bells ringing somewhere around this time, but obviously, we didn't. Ranveer's full fashion fury was yet to be unleashed upon us, and so we saw these outfits and thought 'wow, he's really pushing the boundaries of fashion, especially for men!' Little did we know.

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The time he was into prints...

...was a very confusing and chaotic time in our lives. We didn't know where to look and we didn't know how to feel. All we knew was that he looked good. But also kind of crazy. But so delicious.

You see what we mean?

pjimage (38)

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That time he was a rainbow 

Legend has it, that if you look closely at the spelling of V.I.B.G.Y.O.R you will see R.A.N.V.E.E.R hidden in it. It was also somewhere around this time that children stopped purchasing crayon boxes and started purchasing Ranveer instead.

That Dulux Paints shade card you see? Yeah, it's Ranveer.

pjimage (45)

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*Cheese alert* We may be making rainbow jokes about him, but in reality, he's our pot of gold at the end.

And the leprachaun. He's also the leprechaun.

That time he... well, this —

pjimage (46)

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And the time he wore this

One fine morning, Mr Ranveer Singh woke up and told a designer — "I want people to look at me and have an acid trip." So the designer found everything in the world that he could possibly think of and put it on some clothes. And that my friends, is the story of how this outfit was born.

Yes, those are wings on his shoes.

pjimage (48)

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But if there was ONE outrageous outfit with which he really outdid himself, it was this —

MUMBAI, INDIA MARCH 09: Ranveer Singh at Mehboob Studio in Mumbai.(Photo by Milind Shelte/India Today Group/Getty Images)

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We're almost offended Ranveer. Like, what the hell?

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