Ranveer Singh shows he's a true 'Fan' of Shah Rukh Khan in this video

FP Staff

Mar 12, 2016 15:39:51 IST

Actor Ranveer Singh has shared a video on his social media accounts, depicting a real-life moment of “fandom” for superstar Shah Rukh Khan. In the video, Ranveer is seen dancing in front of a poster of SRK’s upcoming film Fan (in which he plays a double role — that of a superstar and his obsessed fan) to the tune of Jabra Fan.

Ranveer Singh shows hes a true Fan of Shah Rukh Khan in this video

Ranveer Singh (R) shows his 'fandom' for Shah Rukh Khan in the video. Images from IBN, Getty

Ranveer lip-syncs the words to Jabra Fan in front of the poster, when the real Shah Rukh Khan walks out himself, from just behind the poster. A star-struck Ranveer is then shown to start in surprise, before falling to the floor in a swoon. Shah Rukh, meanwhile, nonchalantly walks away.

Ranveer cheekily captioned the video on his Twitter page, “The father of all ‘motion posters’!”

Updated Date: Mar 12, 2016 15:39:51 IST