Ranveer Singh, Sandhguru converse about football, entertainment and purpose of life at IIM Bangalore

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Jul 21, 2018 15:14:36 IST

Bollywood star Ranveer Singh and India's mystic Sadhguru shared the floor at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore as they discussed eternity, football and dance at IIMBue, the institute's leadership conclave.

Sadhguru at IIMBue in conversation with Ranvir Singh. YouTube Screengrab

Sadhguru at IIMBue in conversation with Ranvir Singh. YouTube Screengrab

As the session flagged off, Sadhguru said to the Padmaavat actor, "People expect you to ask me a gossipy question and I make it profound for them. When you realise that the physical wont take you anywhere, you become spiritual."

Ranveer asked the frontrunner of the Isha Foundation, who recently attended the FIFA World Cup, "How should we inculcate young kids into sport? Should it be about winning?"

In a profound stance, Sadhguru replied, "Winning is a desire, but what matters is the process. Ours is a culture where we have always insisted on process, but today we have become a goal-oriented society in which the desire has become more important. But what is essential, is getting the process right. To have flowers bloom, one must handle soil, manure and sunlight. Winning is possible if the process is handled properly."

Ranvir Singh interacting with Sadhguru at IIMB. YouTube Screengrab.

Ranvir Singh interacting with Sadhguru at IIMB. YouTube Screengrab.

In the conversation interspersed with humour, Ranveer said to Sadhguru that people persistently ask one question, "What is the purpose of life?"

In a comic take, Sadhguru said, "There is no purpose of life. There is no use of life, even if you weren't born; actually it would be better."

The actor also said that he always felt a compulsion to entertain and Sadhguru said that some people laugh in a theatre because "it is a dark place" and no one can see them. People resort to cinema for entertainment and if it were not there, many would sink into depression.

So he should continue to entertain, Sadhguru told Ranveer because what he is doing is, in fact, "inexpensive psychiatry."

As the audience laughed, he also said that while this should change and people should start being happy within themselves, at this moment, it is only cricket and cinema that are keeping their spirits up.

The conversation between the two stars in their respective fields was also followed by a question-answer session in which the audience wanted to know the guest speakers' thoughts on why an IIM alumni never became an actor or a mystic. Sadhguru's witty reply was, "Maybe they are our managers."

The session that lasted for over an hour concluded with Ranveer and Sadhguru stepping in tune to the mystic's chant 'Allez.'

Watch the conversation here.

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