Ranveer Singh on voicing Deadpool: He is a difficult character to dub for but I wanted to give 'gaalis' onscreen

FP Staff

May 18, 2018 13:18:34 IST

Deadpool 2 hit theatres on 18 May to good reviews and strong numbers. Apart from English, the film's dubbed versions in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu are doing well too. Some of the credit for success of the Hindi version must surely go to Ranveer Singh, who voices the anti-hero in Hindi.

Speaking about his work, Ranveer said that he had not seen a superhero like this before: "When the first Deadpool was made, there was an online poll on who should play Deadpool if it was made in India. I was very happy when I saw that I had won that poll. And now many months later, I was offered to play the voice of Deadpool!"

Quirk personified: Ryan Reynolds and Ranveer Singh. Facebook

Quirk personified: Ryan Reynolds and Ranveer Singh. Facebook

Commenting on the language he was able to use in the film, an amused Ranveer said, "I thought it would be fun to use foul Hindi language onscreen. I just wanted to give gaalis onscreen." He also spoke about the work which goes into dubbing: "He's a particularly difficult character to dub for because he is so talkative. When you compare both the English and Hindi versions, you will be amazed.

Finally he said that working on the film was very fulfilling and signed off by saying that the Hindi version is a rip roaring ride.

Updated Date: May 18, 2018 13:18:34 IST