Ram Gopal Varma's God, Sex and Truth: The point of this Mia Malkova starrer is basically that there is no point

Abhinav Jai Singh

Jan 16, 2018 18:07:53 IST

God, Sex and Truth, the latest offering by Ram Gopal Varma, is about sex. Yes, it's about sex, and about how great sex is. Did I mention it's about sex? Well, it's about sex, and it stars American porn star Mia Malkova. The trailer of the movie was launched on Tuesday, and you see Malkova be as comfortable as one can be in their own skin.

The movie, being touted as "a philosophical treatise of Mia Malkova", is the adult film-star's take on the way the world views sex. In the trailer, a naked Mia Malkova delivers a woke rant about how the world has enslaved women with their nonsensical, toxic, and primitive way of looking at the most fundamental of human needs: Sex. Mia speaks directly to those who reduce women to nothing but their body parts, but in an incredibly crude manner. She then goes on to give us a basic lesson in biology; about how the human body is "designed for various functions, including sexual desires."

 Ram Gopal Varmas God, Sex and Truth: The point of this Mia Malkova starrer is basically that there is no point

A still of Mia Malkova form the God, Sex and Truth trailer/Image from YouTube.

What she says next is undoubtedly true: Society does use religion and the concept of God and morality to control a woman's sexual desires. Women are told that it's wrong to even think about sex; that sex is dirty and should only be a process to reproduce and nothing more. A woman thinking freely about sex, or asserting her sexuality, has always made this world uncomfortable. Porn stars are at the front-lines of inducing this feeling of uneasiness in the multitudes of people who view a woman's desire as a crime.

What comes next will put off anyone who might even remotely enjoy the trailer: she quotes Ayn Rand (The philosopher who has influenced some of the most obnoxious people, and wrote novels about men who throw a fit every time they don't get exactly what they want, like Donald Trump). Mia then explains why she chose porn as a career; because women aren't the property of men, and being restricted to one man is against the very nature of humans. "It's only the world of porn that offered me that ultimate heaven," she says.

A still of Mia Malkova from the trailer/Image from YouTube.

A still of Mia Malkova from the trailer/Image from YouTube.

But here's the catch: Yes, a woman's sexuality is controlled by the society and in India, where Deepika Padukone's midriff is being covered up in the song 'Ghoomar' from Padmaavat, this holds absolutely true; but pornography is just as toxic as the ideas that ensnare a woman. If pornography made men sensitive towards women and their needs, then the world would be an entirely different place. In reality, porn is just sex packaged with all the destructive thoughts that emerge from within patriarchy and sold to people to make money. It's consumerism; like selling a burger with chicken, ham, sausages, deep fried bacon and lots of cheese with a side of mayo-fries, all in one.

Pasting a Freud or Miller quote over a frame of Mia Malkova having an orgasm is not going to set women free. The way the world loses its calm the minute a woman assumes her sexual identity will not stop with a porn star's justification of her choice. If anything, porn takes the worst aspects of how men think about sex and reinforces it through movies made solely to earn money.

So, what will cause a final sexual awakening? What is it that makes everyone so anxious thinking about a woman taking ownership of her own body? How will men's rights activists (who will surely bash the trailer calling it a feminazi's dream, and asking 'what if this was your mother or sister?') be tackled as time moves on?

The point of this movie is basically that there is no point. It presents the thoughts of a woman who made an unapologetic decision to lead her life the way she chooses. The movie will be available online from 26 January. If you think about it, watching God, Sex and Truth on Republic Day makes perfect sense as India, after all, is the fourth highest consumer of porn in the world. Also, did I mention it's about sex?

You can watch the trailer below:

Updated Date: Jan 16, 2018 18:07:53 IST