Rajinikanth's mission to cleanse cesspool of politics will succeed, says Raghava Lawrence

Surendhar MK

Jan 10, 2018 09:46:24 IST

Actor-director-choreographer Raghava Lawrence spoke at length about his unconditional love and admiration for his mentor Rajinikanth at a recent welfare meet organized by his fans. An emotional Lawrence also recalled how he struggled to climb up the ladder of stardom from being a car cleaner to veteran stunt master Super Subbarayan 25 years ago.

"I was waiting with bated breath in front of the television on 31 December": Lawrence

Lawrence said he was waiting with his entire family in the front of the television to watch Rajinikanth's speech on the eve of the New Year, which also marked the final day of the superstar's six-day-long fans meet. "Like Thalaivar's crores of fans, I was also sitting in front of the television on 31 December. And my entire family was waiting too. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that Thalaivar would deliver a speech like that. I was quite stunned. He presented his points with excellent clarity. Many people are criticizing his political entry by pointing out his age. At a time when famous leaders are reading from the paper while addressing gatherings, he delivered his entire speech from his mind. Age is just a number," said Lawrence.

Rajinikanth/Image from Twitter.

Rajinikanth/Image from Twitter.

"It's been a long time since I danced happily. The minute Thalaivar made his announcement, I started dancing in my home. I was in seventh heaven the whole day," he added.

"I'm going to follow Superstar Rajinikanth's footsteps blindly henceforth": Lawrence

Lawrence recalled essential points from Rajinikanth's iconic speech and highlighted the three things he liked the most. "Thalaivar said he would transparently practice politics. The second thing I liked is how he assured people that he would resign if the promised agenda is not fulfilled in three years. The third point is how he invited for fearless watchdogs to join his party and not cadres. As soon as I heard his speech, I decided to be one of his watchdogs. I have never done anything without the blessings of Thalaivar and will never do in future too. So, I called him immediately and told that I'm going to step in as his watchdog. He replied, 'All the best, Kanna.' I have not become a watchdog to become an MLA or an MP. Being Superstar's watchdog is the most significant power. I'm going to follow him blindly because I know he would do only the right thing," assured Lawrence.

"Thalaivar's politics will be very simple like how he leads his life. It will be accessible for people. That's what he meant by transparent politics. Everyone keeps saying that politics is a cesspool. But once he enters, he will succeed in his mission to cleanse the system. If he had the desire for power, he would have easily grabbed the opportunity that knocked on his doorstep in 1996," he added.

From a car cleaning job with Super Subbarayan in 1992 to joining the dance group of Prabhu Deva on Superstar's recommendation

Lawrence reminisced about how he landed the precious offer to join Prabhu Deva's dance team when he was frantically looking out for opportunities to prove his talent. "I was a car cleaner for stunt master Super Subbarayan. He tried his level best to get me an opportunity in the industry. I would keep dropping letters to numerous production houses regularly but only in vain. Then, I danced in front of Superstar Rajinikanth sir one day. That was my life-changing moment. Going by Thalaivar's reaction, I thought he would immediately get me a chance in movies. But, he said bye and left," remembered Lawrence.

"After three days, when I met him at the shooting spot, he asked me to come to his home the next day morning. I was a poor Raghava Lawrence then and lived in a hut. When I went to his home, Thalaivar said, 'Don't stay with Super Subbarayan hereafter. Join as a dance assistant and you will have a great future ahead. He gave me a letter and blessed me by placing his hand on my head. That's where my life started. Then, at the shooting spot of Annamalai, Thalaivar requested Prabhu Deva master to take me to his dance group and told him that he had given a letter to me. It was a time when everyone was longing to work for Prabhu Deva master. But I received a call from master's home. When I went to meet the master, he said, 'Rajini sir said you dance very well. He asked me to help you.' That great-hearted decision to help someone who was a nobody is what made me a devotee of Rajinikanth," he recalled.

On the career front, Lawrence is busy with the shooting of horror-comedy Kanchana 3the fourth part in the Muni franchise. Lawrence, who also shares the direction credits for the film produced by Sun Pictures, is co-starred with Vedhika and Bigg Boss fame Oviya. The makers are planning to release the film during summer holidays.

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