Priyanka Chopra's mother slams suicide claims made by former manager


Apr,04 2016 12:15:30 IST

After Priyanka Chopra’s former manager alleged that the Quantico star “had tried to commit suicide a number of times” and he single-handedly stopped her, Chopra’s mother took to Twitter to dismiss the claims as fabrication of a “lying b*stard”.

Priyanka Chopra. IBN Live

Priyanka Chopra. IBN Live

She added that Jaju has personal vendetta against her daughter and even spent time in jail because of his antics.

Jaju had earlier tweeted, “PC may look very strong now but she was also very vulnerable in struggling days, tried to commit suicide 2-3 times but I managed to stop her.”

Priyanka Chopra's mother responded to this allegation with this tweet:

Things between the Bajirao Mastani star and her former manager turned sour when she terminated his services a few years ago. Later, Prakash even filed a criminal suit against her, accusing that she has not cleared his dues.

However, Prakash ended up serving 67 days in jail after Priyanka’s father, Ashok Chopra filed a complaint against him for invading his daughter’s privacy.

Updated Date: Apr 04, 2016 12:15 PM