Priyanka Chopra talks about body shaming on The View: 'Yes, this is my original nose'

Priyanka Chopra talks about the body shaming and discusses Lion with Dev Patel.

FP Staff February 10, 2017 15:28:56 IST
Priyanka Chopra talks about body shaming on The View: 'Yes, this is my original nose'

After making an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Priyanka Chopra hit the next big thing on the talk show circuit.

The next stop was The View, a talk show hosted by Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines and Jedediah Bila. Priyanka Chopra was the guest co-host of the day, and she opened up about her struggles before she entered Bollywood as an actress, about her rumored nose-job and discussed her ethnic identity. The actress looked gorgeous dressed in a mustard yellow and navy blue outfit.

Priyanka Chopra talks about body shaming on The View Yes this is my original nose

The show began with Chopra praising the panel for their preparation before each show. She said, "I just after going through what you guys go through every single morning I just want to tell everyone guys, I have so much respect for these ladies."

After audience applause and the panel asking Chopra to explain in detail what they do every morning, she said, "There was this whole meeting with 25 people giving you information about everything that's happened while you were asleep. While I was asleep what all has happened in the world? Newfound respect ladies, really."

The ladies also talked about body image issues. When asked if she had ever experienced body-shaming in her life, the Baywatch actress talked about how a producer didn't think she fit the mold of a conventional actress. She said, "Before I became an actor, I met a producer about the possibility of acting. I was a beauty pageant winner at that time, Miss World. And he said that everything was wrong about me. He said my nose was not proportionate, the shape of my body was not proportionate."

That’s when one of the hosts Joy Behar interrupted her and asked, "Is that your original nose?"

Priyanka finally put the nose job rumors to rest, when she retorted by saying, "Yes, this is my original nose!"

She elaborated by saying, "“There is such a false perception about what women should look like and what our bodies should look like. Especially when you are in the business, you put on a couple of pounds and people are like..body shaming you. It happens. Christmas happens to all of us. I am an Indian. I have Holi, I have Diwali, I have hundred holidays and my body fluctuates and you know what I am fine with it."

She even broached the topic of their ethnicity with her guest Dev Patel.

Patel, who has been nominated for an Oscar for Lion, talked about how he would always try and suppress his Indian heritage as a kid to appear 'normal.' But when he visited India at 17 years old to film Slumdog Millionaire with Danny Boyle, his idea about the country changed.  "Every preconceived notion completely was turned on its head. I fell in love," he said.

Here's the whole episode of The View:

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