Priyank Sharma on his ouster from Bigg Boss 11: 'Salman supported me, said I got unnecessarily involved'

Seema Sinha

October 13, 2017 10:15:43 IST

When model and Splitsvilla 10 fame Priyank Sharma was shown the exit door of the Bigg Boss house by host Salman Khan in just one week, not only were his fans disheartened but viewers wondered about the suddenness of it. Priyank was considered to be one of the most promising celebrity contestants on the reality show. Well, it so happened that Priyank violated the most important rule of the house of getting physical with a co-contestant — he had aggressively pushed the other Bigg Boss housemate, Akash Dadlani.

It was a fight that started between Vikas Gupta and Akash. Apparently, the fight happened when Akash started provoking Vikas over his sexuality, calling him gay many times. It got intensified with Akash and Vikas almost coming to fists and blows. This took onto Priyank's nerves and he aggressively pushed Akash against the wall.

Priyank Sharma in the Bigg Boss house.

Salman asked Priyank to leave the house as a form of punishment for breaking the rule, whereas many felt that Priyank did the right thing by standing up for his friend.

However, in a chat with Firstpost, Priyank said, “I pushed Akash because he had used abusive words for Vikas’s mother, and Shilpa (Shinde), too, was doing the same. I couldn’t tolerate that but I know I was in the wrong. Though I was standing up for the right thing, I should have used a better way to deal with the situation. I should have done it smartly and shouldn’t have got so emotional. The makers didn’t want to set an example and therefore I was out.”

“But”, he adds, “People from all over the country supported me, and Salman, too, felt bad for me and supported me. He said that I got unnecessarily involved and got stuck in their fight.”

However, there could have been a possibility that the makers were thinking of giving him another chance since he was a strong contestant, which is why Priyank was not sent back to Mumbai immediately. He was put up in a hotel close to the sets of Bigg Boss in Lonavala for the last few days. Also, there were rumours and news reports floating that Priyank was put up in a secret room and that he will be back on the show.

But this mystery has finally come to an end as Priyank is not going back inside the Bigg Boss house, at least not for now. He returned to Mumbai on Wednesday night.

However, Priyank insisted that there was never any thought of bringing him back into the house and that he was just spending some time in Lonavla after he was out. “I was on a vacation of three to four days in Lonavla and I am certainly not going inside the house,” he laughed, further adding, “The stay in Bigg Boss house was short (five days), sweet but incomplete. Obviously, I didn’t like being evicted but it is okay. When I came out I saw lot of positivity, lot of support from people. Life is all about mix and match of good and bad things.”

While picking up the housemates he gelled with, he said, “Except for four people, I made friends with the rest. I didn’t gel with Arshi (Khan) who is spreading too much negativity. Shilpa has a problem, she has a split personality and her focus is only on Vikas. Puneesh, Akash, both have double standards.”

Updated Date: Oct 13, 2017 10:56 AM