Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell is on a Halle Berry-like hush hush trip to India

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Nov 17, 2017 15:45:51 IST

Actress Shay Mitchell, star of the concluded hit show Pretty Little Liars, is in India for a photo-shoot, and is making the most of her travels around Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. From the quintessential pilgrimage to the ethereal Taj Mahal to the streets of the blue walled city Jodhpur, Shay is on a self-titled ‘Shaycation’ as reported by Mumbai Mirror.


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One more thing crossed off the bucket list, seeing the Blue City, Jodhpur. #modeliste @modelistemagazine

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According to the report, apart from visiting Agra, she watched the Ganga aarti on the ghats of Varanasi, ate samosa and enjoyed rickshaw rides, and when she was not shooting, explored the by lanes of Jodhpur city. The Mirror has quoted her, "This place is overwhelming. Everywhere I look is a picture, a backdrop, a moment in time I will never forget," said Shay about the streets and towns of Uttar Pradesh.

The actress also noted her experiences in Varanasi as reported in the Mirror, she said, "Never in my life have I witnessed the cycle of life in such a raw form. The burning of pyres runs for 24 hours a day, all year long, just downstream from the bathing ghats. Estimates say 100,000 bodies of various cremations levels are tossed into the Ganges every year.” It’s also reported that she will next explore the Buddhist monuments and indulge in some good old shopping.

Updated Date: Nov 17, 2017 15:45:51 IST