Post Anurag Kashyap quitting Twitter, Aparna Sen, 27 film personalities write open letter in support of filmmaker

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Aug 21, 2019 11:37:17 IST

Several members of Citizen Speak India including eminent personalities like Aparna Sen and Anjum Katyal strongly condemned the 'threats of violence' which forced the director Anurag Kashyap to quit the social media platform, Twitter.

 Post Anurag Kashyap quitting Twitter, Aparna Sen, 27 film personalities write open letter in support of filmmaker

Anurag Kashyap. Image from Twitter.

A press release which consisted of 28 signatories expressed unanimity of the members on the subject and also raised concerns against the threats received by Kashyap.

"This is a matter that demands immediate attention. Free speech is the cornerstone of democracy, and Kashyap is one among many today who face the risk of violence for merely expressing an opinion on a public platform," release read.

"This culture of violence and intolerance is spreading dangerously in our society! It has to be resisted by us all. It is our earnest request to every fellow citizen, including those in positions of political and corporate leadership, to stand up against it. It is tearing apart the democratic fabric of our country by trying to silence all dialogue, debate, and dissent," it added.

Anurag who has been outspoken in expressing his political beliefs and opinions, quit the microblogging site earlier this month after his family received threat calls.

Before he quit Twitter, the filmmaker put out two tweets explaining the reason behind his move. The screenshots of his last tweets shared on Twitter, mention the threat calls being made to his parents and daughter.

The tweet read, "When your parents start to get calls and your daughter gets online threats you know that no one wants to talk. There isn't going to be reason or rationale."

Saying that "thug" will rule, Anurag even took a jibe at the term 'new India' and wrote, "Thug will rule and thuggery will be the new way of life. Congratulations everyone on this new India and hope you all thrive."

In another tweet shared a few moments later, he announced that this would be his last tweet as he isn't allowed to speak his mind freely.

"Wish you all the happiness and success. This would be my last tweet as I leave twitter. When I won't be allowed to speak my mind without fear then I would rather not speak at all. Goodbye," Anurag's last tweet read.

Updated Date: Aug 21, 2019 11:37:17 IST