Popular Telugu singer Ghazal Srinivas arrested on charges of sexual harassment

FP Staff

Jan 02, 2018 14:16:17 IST

Telugu singer Kesiraju Srinivas (popularly known as 'Ghazal' Srinivas), who shot to fame after his much-celebrated Guinness Book of World Records feat in 2008, has been arrested on Tuesday on charges of sexual harassment, reports thehansindia.com.

Popular Telugu singer Ghazal Srinivas arrested on charges of sexual harassment

Ghazal Srinivas. Facebook

A woman who worked at AalayaVani Web Radio, which is owned by Srinivas, alleged that the singer harassed her sexually and mentally for a long time, as per a report by gulte.com.

The gulte.com reports further suggests that the news of the arrest of Ghazal Srinivas has been confirmed by Hyderabad's Punjagutta police station. The officials, after receiving the complaint, investigated closely and found enough evidences to incriminate Srinivas and arrest him. However, further details on the arrest and other related developments are not yet known.

In 2008, Srinivas sang songs in 76 languages in a single concert commemorating Mahatma Gandhi's philosophies in the presence of the then-President Pratibha Patil, says guinessworldrecords.com.

His multi-lingual singing talent has not only earned him one Guinness world record mention, but another two in the subsequent years, reports Outlook.

After the concert on Gandhi, Srinivas launched an album — The Path of Mahatma Gandhi — where he sang in 65 foreign languages and 60 Indian languages that earned him his second Guinness' mention. Following this, in 2010, he was again listed in the acclaimed world records for performing 54 vocal concerts in 24 hours, adds the Outlook report.

Updated Date: Jan 02, 2018 14:16:17 IST