Popular Japanese medical drama show Doctor X to start streaming on Zee 5 in Hindi

FP Staff

Mar,12 2018 17:14:17 IST

ZEE5, Zee Entertainment's streaming platform, has released Doctor-X, a popular Japanese show. The medical drama, which will be dubbed in Hindi, follows the story of Daimon Michiko, a charismatic and unorthodox freelance surgeon who works at different university hospitals, where her questionable practices bring her into conflict with the administrators.

Starring Japanese actress and former model Ryoko Yonekura as Daimon Michiko (also known as Doctor-X), the eight-episode first season is already streaming on ZEE5. Veteran actors Ito Shiro and Ittoku Kishibe are also part of the cast.

Poster for Doctor-X.

Poster for Doctor-X.

The show first aired from 18 October to 13 December, 2012, on TV Asahi in Japan, and was one of the top ranked dramas in Japan. Ryoko Yonekura was awarded best actress at the 21st Hashida Awards for her performance as Doctor-X.

“We are thrilled to bring Japan’s most popular show Doctor-X in Hindi to our viewers in India", said Archana Anand, EVP & Head of Digital, ZEE5 India Business. “We are proud to be the only digital platform in India that is transcending the language barrier at such a scale to entertain viewers. Other than Japan, we are also curating top rated international TV shows from USA, United Kingdom, Korea, Turkey, China, Ukraine and Spain and dubbing them in Hindi to bring the best of international content to our viewers”.

Updated Date: Mar 12, 2018 18:53 PM