Pooja Kumar on Vishwaroopam 2: Have grown exponentially as an actor, thanks to Kamal Haasan

Haricharan Pudipeddi

Aug 07, 2018 08:47:45 IST

Pooja Kumar happens to be one of the few actresses to have worked with Kamal Haasan in three back-to-back films. Despite making her Tamil debut over a decade ago with Kadhal Rojave, it was Vishwaroopam which earned Pooja the much needed recognition in Kollywood and subsequently another opportunity to work with Haasan in Uttama Villain. As she awaits the release of Vishwaroopam 2, she opens up in this exclusive chat with Firstpost about how this project helped her grow as an actor, performing her own stunts and the experience of working with actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan.

Pooja Kumar on Vishwaroopam 2: Have grown exponentially as an actor, thanks to Kamal Haasan

Pooja Kumar and Kamal Haasan in Vishwaroopam 2

It’s been a frustratingly long wait for Vishwaroopam 2, which finally hits the screens on 10 August in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. A relieved Pooja, who returns as Dr Nirupama Viswanath, says: “I’m really excited because audiences will finally get to see our hard work. People have been asking me if this long wait has been upsetting, and I have to be honest it’s not. Making movies is very challenging and bringing them out is even more. In showbiz, these kinds of delays are very common and there’s nothing one can do about it.”

In the first part, Pooja was introduced as Haasan’s wife and for most part of the film, she doesn’t accept him. Giving an insight into her character in Vishwaroopam 2, she says: “In the first part, as much as Nirupama hates her husband and tries to avoid him, she’s enamored by him in the end. She realises she has no option other than loving him. After realising her husband loves his country more than anyone, she decides to help him by joining his team. She takes it upon herself to save the country. I loved the way Kamal sir has written my character and handled its transition over the course of the entire film.”

In Vishwaroopam 2, Pooja goes from a naïve, modern wife to a true-blue action heroine. She has performed an underwater action sequence on her own. “In the film, I've done my own stunts - there's one scene where Kamal sir and I defuse bombs and engage in a gun battle - all underwater. I don't think any Indian actress has done her own underwater stunts. I've kind of become a pioneer in that and that's something different I bring to the table.”

Talking about the overall experience of being part of the Vishwaroopam franchise, Pooja said it helped her grow as an actor. “Each film I do changes me in a profound way. The memory of shooting both the parts of Vishwaroopam still remains fresh. It’s been five years since the first part released, but it just feels like yesterday. When I look back, I realised I’ve grown exponentially as an actor, thanks to the immense learning and working with Kamal sir.”

Elaborating more on the experience of working with Haasan, she states: “I like how he finds a balance in everything that he does. He’s like a magician and you want to see every act he has for us. You really can't pick a best one. I think what he has given to cinema and the industry as an individual is much more than what he's achieved in any particular role

In between Vishwaroopam 1 and 2, Pooja has just managed to work in one Tamil film. Asked if she’s being choosy, she quips: “I’m open to doing more Tamil project. Since I don’t stay in India, I feel people hesitate to approach me with roles. I’m always on the lookout for exciting projects. Last year I did a Telugu film called PSV Garuda Vega, and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of that project.”

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