Podcast roundup: From Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History to Chuski Pop, what to listen to this week

A podcast for every mood, from rediscovering the past with Malcolm Gladwell to understanding why celebrities turn into icons of attraction on Thirst Aid Kit

Payal Shah July 22, 2018 14:21:05 IST
Podcast roundup: From Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History to Chuski Pop, what to listen to this week

In a world where there is a podcast on nearly every subject under the sun, finding one to suit your interests may seem daunting. To help you tune into one that's really worth your while, here is our weekly list of curated podcasts. From discussions about feminism to history and even desi nostalgia— these podcasts cover it all.

Podcast roundup From Malcolm Gladwells Revisionist History to Chuski Pop what to listen to this week


For those who may not know Neil deGrasse Tyson, he is basically the Cardi B of science. He exudes undeniable wisdom and knowledge, and has a soothing voice that once unleashed, will make you believe anything. From explaining the universe to us on his TV show Cosmos: A Space Odyssey, he has now moved on to apply science to pop culture on his podcast. He unites with comedian Chuck Nice on nearly every episode, where the two answer fan questions about any designated topic. Basketball shoe technology, golf, primatology, romance — they've got it all. Bill Nye the Science Guy frequently features on the podcast, and his bromance with Tyson is evident. This podcast is a dose of science without the scary formulas and confusing numbers.

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The Musafir Stories

There is no dearth of hidden travel gems in India, and The Musafir Stories lets you experience them without spending a damn thing. Hosts Saif and Faiza talk to travellers and social media influencers across the country, following each one on a trip of their design. The travellers share their itineraries in detail, along with tips and tricks to avoid any trouble. To make things easier, they even mention the airport and railway station closest to each destination and suggest documents and items you should carry with you. So if you’re looking for a new place to take your friends but don’t want to risk it with a destination that you know nothing about, then this podcast can guide you.

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Thirst Aid Kit

As we all know, other than puppies and fries, lusting after celebrities unites us all. It definitely united Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins, who now discuss pop culture’s influence on our desires once a week. They believe that women unabashedly expressing lust should be celebrated, and that’s exactly what they do on their show. They discuss why they fancy certain celebrities and not others, as well as comment on each one’s evolution as an icon of attraction. They also do dramatic readings of original fanfiction, which is outright hilarious. It may seem like a trivial subject, but this podcast actually provides a lot of context to lust. What are the criteria for celebrity lust, outside of their physique? What happens when an old favourite suddenly does something problematic? Who needs to be kicked off the roster of hot men? If you just want to be part of a good ol’ chat about boys, this is the place for you.

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Consider this podcast the audio version of a night in with friends, swapping ghost stories. Only the stories aren’t necessarily about ghosts, but about real events that were/are believed to be factual. Each episode features stories bound by a common theme, such as divinity, torture, or disease. The stories span across time and space, highlighting themes that were either prevalent in ancient history, or even today. What is particularly gripping about this podcast is that it can make your wildest nightmares seem real and tangible. For thrillseekers, this podcast provides the perfect rush. A new episode comes out every two weeks, with each lasting between 20 and 30 minutes.

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Jonathan Goldstein seems to have a special skill for talking to people. His podcast is almost a cross between a therapy session and a bedtime story. He has a guest on every episode, usually someone from his life. Parents, ex-girlfriends, people he may not know, you name it. He dives back into his past and finds moments that altered the course of each guest’s life, and helps them understand and (hopefully) overcome it. Each of the episodes lasts about an hour or so. What stands out about this podcast is that Goldstein is unfazed by any tough conversations. He asks the difficult questions, and is constantly pushing his guests for insight on why that moment impacted them as much as it did.

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Chuski Pop

This fortnightly podcast is hosted by Sweety and Pappu, both desi girls raised in the Middle East. The duo brings desi nostalgia back to present day and discusses feminism, sexuality, Bollywood, and the evergreen 90s. Listeners can hear conversations about almost anything: From the power of female friendships to managing money, social media detoxes, and dating. Keep an eye out for their Aaj Ka Kabootar episodes, which focus on current events in the media. Be it Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer Prize to Kareena Kapoor’s hair, they cover issues and conversations from both sides of the world. They also announce winners for their infamous Show the Bhindi award in this series, given to women or movements that deserve recognition. The show is currently on its fourth season and is still going as strong as ever.

Some classic episodes: Thou Shall Get Her Own Money, Happy 420, Adulting and Friendships

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Revisionist History

Malcolm Gladwell hosts this incredibly informative podcast, which goes back in time and reexamines events and ideas from the past. They aren’t always popularly known topics, but somehow still have a lasting impact. More often than not, listeners think that the podcast will be on one track, but Gladwell swerves left without warning. He gives context and meaning to each event, explaining its relevance in history. His exhaustive research has him constantly questioning what we know about the topic at hand, which is cited on the website under each episode. Thanks to his research, he usually finds a way to link his subject matter to larger, more currently relevant themes. This one is for history buffs, or people who Google everything.

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Making Oprah

Oprah Winfrey is a cult in herself. Who doesn’t want to know her story? After all, her talk show went from an unknown daytime programme in 1986 to being aired in 145 countries by 2011! Surely the woman did something right. For those who want answers, WBEZ’s podcast Making Oprah provides them to you. Winfrey talks to host Jenn White about her rise to fame on the show, and how she came to have the cultural influence that she does. This podcast is a lesson in risk-taking, power, and even hairstyling (given by her longtime stylist Andre Walker himself). Highly recommended that you listen to this one, you will not be dissatisfied.

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Bad With Money

Gaby Dunn is no financial expert, which is exactly why her financial advice is worth taking. She explains personal finance without the scary lingo and even admits to being a “deadbeat” about her own money. Her podcast also investigates economic trends, such as the gender wage gap, or the inner workings of political funding. Dunn brings on guests to help explain each topic, but they are far from the money-minded suits from Wall Street. Their financial problems are relatable and easy to understand. This podcast steers away from the stiff collars of money and finance, which is what makes it stand out as an educational programme. It is currently on its third season, with a new episode coming out each week.

Some classic episodes: Get Rich or Die Vlogging, Who Can Afford to Have Sex, It's Not Just a Few Feet of Sea Level Rise

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