Podcast roundup: From Invisibilia to The Adventures of Cheap Beer, what to listen to this week

A podcast for every mood and interest, from The Adventures of Cheap Beer set in Mumbai to Awards Chatter, thoughtful conversations with celebrities

Payal Shah July 15, 2018 12:27:14 IST
Podcast roundup: From Invisibilia to The Adventures of Cheap Beer, what to listen to this week

In a world where there is a podcast on nearly every subject under the sun, finding one to suit your interests may seem daunting. To help you tune into one that's really worth your while, here is our weekly list of curated podcasts. From discussions about TV shows to conversations between celebrities and even decoding terrorist ops — these podcasts cover it all.

Podcast roundup From Invisibilia to The Adventures of Cheap Beer what to listen to this week

The Rewatchables

If there’s a classic movie you just can’t seem to stop watching, then The Rewatchables has probably covered it. Each episode is an hour-long roundtable discussion about a movie that has left its mark, whether as a cult classic or as a unique story of its own. The speakers look into the making of each film, from pointing out loopholes in the plot to commenting on the soundtrack. They provide context and details behind each film as well, so that listeners can get a deeper understanding about their significance. With almost every episode hosted by Bill Simmons and Sean Fennessey, this podcast is a movie buff’s dream.

Some classic episodes: Creed, The Social Network, and Clueless.

Find it on: Apple Podcasts, Art19, Soundcloud, Stitcher, RSS, and The Ringer’s website.

Kaan Masti

When José Covaco and Suresh Menon realised that their listeners were laughing harder at their off-the-clock conversations than their on-air work at Red FM, an unscripted podcast called Kaanmasti was found. It features loud, visceral, and cuss-filled exchanges between the two men, and hears more like a casual conversation than a topical discussion. Currently in its fifth season, this podcast is not geared towards anyone in particular. If you’re in the mood for a good laugh and a random mix of things, then Kaan Masti offers both in spades. But make sure you use headphones, the language is NSFW to say the least.

Find it on: YouTube, Mixcloud, and MP3.

The Geek Fruit Podcast

Indian geeks are not restricted to IIT-JEE toppers and those kids who wear socks with their floaters. There is a heavy assortment of sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts in our country, just looking for a place to come together (other than Comic-Con, of course). For geeks who are looking beyond video discussions, The Geek Fruit Podcast is a good option. Every Monday, hosts Jishnu, Tejas, and Dinkar talk about superheroes, clowns, and even ghosts in pop culture. Their newest series, 'The Geek Fruit Bulletin', discusses the “nerd news” of the week, giving a hilarious new spin to their otherwise casual demeanor.

Find it on: Apple Podcasts, RSS, IVM Podcast app, and Audioboom.

The Tip Off

This weekly series, hosted by Maeve McClenaghan, takes you behind the most compelling tales of investigative journalism. Reporters and journalists explain how they found the leads for their biggest stories, and describe the process of uncovering them. Each episode hears almost like a dramatic work of fiction, where the stories seem almost too bizarre to believe. Secret meetings in shady bars and diners, slammed doors, and moral grey areas are a frequent occurrence in this podcast, so listeners will be kept on their toes for sure. If you’re a news buff or just a sucker for mystery, this podcast is right up your alley.

Some classic episodes: Panama Papers

Find it on: Apple Podcasts, ACast.

The Adventures of Cheap Beer

Seedy bars and Mumbai make a team like no other, and Suyash Barve, Siddhant Mehta, and Karan Agarwal certainly believe it. In their podcast, they travel to well-loved bars across Mumbai, documenting their experience. They get drunk and get chatting, usually reviewing the restaurant itself or just their usual drunken hilarity. This quintessentially 'Bombay' podcast is the perfect companion for those days you just need a drink but can’t get one. Listening to it almost feels like you’re out with your friends, complaining about the traffic, the weather, and most importantly, Andheri East.

Some classic episodes: Kit Kat Bar, Janata Bar, Hotel Mahesh

Find it on: The IVM Podcast app, Adventures of Cheap Beer website.


This NPR classic podcast offers a unique combination of science and reality. Listeners can hear about real phenomena in our world, things that shape human behavior and impact society as we know it. Hosts Alix Spiegel and Lulu Miller (later replaced by Hanna Rosin) talk about some of the most unique people in the world; some with split personalities, others who can only get over the pain in their lives by jumping out of an airplane. There is scientific, cultural and psychological context put to each instance, all in an effort to explain current trends and observations in society. To those with too much jigyaasa than they know what to do with: you can’t miss this podcast.

Find it on: Apple Podcasts, NPR, Stitcher.

Happy Sad Confused

Who better than MTV to pick Hollywood’s brightest minds? Their celebrity podcast has host Josh Horowitz getting up close and personal with some of the biggest celebrities in the world. Kate Mara, Anne Hathaway, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan… you name 'em, they’re there. Listeners can find casual conversations about careers, regrets, funny moments, and everything random in between. The vibe is fun and spontaneous, which is quite a welcome change from the usual glammed-up settings of celebrity interviews.

Find it on: Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spotify, MTV website.

Awards Chatter

This celebrity podcast runs a little more serious than the one above. Acclaimed stars go deep into their careers, exploring the most impactful moments of their professional lives. Why did they think their projects were successful or unsuccessful? Why did they choose the projects that they did? The list goes on. They also discuss the industry as a whole, observing the current status, and predicting trends of the future. Each episode is accompanied by a text article, giving more context to the podcast. This series will appeal to those who want to get into their favourite Hollywood stars’ minds, and learn their thoughts and opinions on the industry. Each episode lasts around an hour, but can run up to an hour and a half. Perfect for that long commute to work, or a painful family road trip.

Find it on: Apple Podcasts, The Hollywood Reporter Website, Player.fm


This documentary podcast follows Rukmini Callimachi, terrorism correspondent for The New York Times, in her efforts to decode ISIS. She has tracked the group's rise around the world, including reporting on-ground in four continents. The series contains 10 chapters, and an abundance of reality checks about the world with ISIS in it. The podcast came to a close on 21 June, and with that came The ISIS Files: A curation of thousands of inside documents that explain how the Islamic State stayed in power for as long as it has. This podcast is packed with personal accounts, political analysis, and gruesome details galore. Caliphate takes journalism to a whole new platform, and it’s an experience you have to feel to believe. You won’t regret it.

Find it on: Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, Spotify, Stitcher.

Conversations With People Who Hate Me

Yes, this podcast is exactly what it sounds like. Host Dylan Marron actively speaks out about social justice on a regular basis, which garners him online haters galore. He calls or invites these people onto his show, and has a frank discussion with them about why they believe what they do about him. This podcast breaks down the (computer) screen about online hate, which is usually restricted to one-sided jabs and nasty comments or subtweets. Instead, the conversations on the podcast hear almost like social experiments, where people of opposing views come together to have a civil conversation. Listeners can expect to be glued to their earphones, and probably come out with a deeper understanding of thick skin.

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