Pelli Choopulu review round-up: Director Tharun Bhaskar shines, film's second half doesn't

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Jul 29, 2016 13:42:19 IST

Telugu film Pelli Choopulu released on Friday and it seems to be the talk of the town with critics having some good things to say about the film.

 Pelli Choopulu review round-up: Director Tharun Bhaskar shines, films second half doesnt

Poster of Telugu film Pelli Choopulu.

A romantic comedy, the film revolves around the lives of Prashanth, played by Vijay Devarakonda, and Chitra, Ritu Varma's character. Prashanth, is a carefree boy, whose parents want him to get married, while Chitra is a strong- willed girl.

Directed by Tarun Bhaskar, the film narrates what happens when a meeting for an arranged marriage goes all wrong. says in its review for the film, "Pelli Choopulu has no path-breaking story line, but what makes it a cut above the rest is its nuanced narration, and neat sensibilities. Debutante Tharun Bhaskar comes with hands-on experience in short filmmaking and his intelligence shows in terms of the character sketching, the actors he has picked, etc." The film has been rated as 3.25 out of 5 by the website.

It further adds that the second half could have improved on its pace, as it seemed to slow down.

A review in says, "Pelli Choopulu is one of those typical romantic entertainers with cute love story and few comedy scenes that keep the audience laughing through the first half. The second half, though, is high on emotional quotient and seems to drag in certain parts. The climax of the film is good." According to him, while the screenplay and the climax are the positives in the film, the second half of the film and the predictable story line are the negatives. He has rated the film as 3.45 out of 5.'s review highlights on the nuances of the film, "One of the two friends of Vijay in the film delivers his punch dialogues in a thick Telangana accent which everyone will enjoy. Ritu Varma carried the strength of her character which drives the story around. The movie speaks a language that we are familiar with but no longer use." They have given the film a 3 out of 5.

Rating the film as 3.5 out of 5, says, "Pelli Choopulu is one film which comes as a breath of fresh air in the heavy pollution of commercial cinema. The film has many beautiful moments which one can easily relate to. With this film, Tollywood finds another talent called Tharun Bhaskar as his effortless narration makes things breezy throughout the proceedings."

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