Pavitra Rishta actor Hiten Tejwani gets replaced by Kunal Kumar in comedy show Namune

FP Staff

Jul 19, 2018 17:24:14 IST

Best known for his roles in daily soaps such as Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Pavitra Rishta, television actor Hiten Tejwani has been replaced on a show without any prior notice. The Bigg Boss 11 contestant was preparing himself to dive into the world of comedy for the first time with the show Namune but just a few days before the shoot was to begin, he was replaced by Kunal Kumar.

Hiten Tejwani on Bigg Boss 11. Twitter @biggboss

Hiten Tejwani on Bigg Boss 11. Twitter @biggboss

Talking to Times of India he said "So far, I have replaced actors, but this is the first time I have been replaced without intimation. I have been a part of this industry and such things are quite common. I shot for four days for the pilot of the show. I did a lot of prep for it, as this was also the first time I was venturing into comedy. It’s not an easy genre. It takes effort to get into the skin of the character. I was very excited about the project, but now, what can I say?”

He is still confused about the change and was concerned about the fact no one communicated this message. He also revealed, as the date came closer,  he got in touch with someone from the production team and learned he had been replaced. "Actors are often replaced, if they don’t suit a character or fit the bill. However, my problem was that they felt that I didn’t look like a lower-middle-class guy, despite trying every trick in the book to make me look like one," added Hiten.

Updated Date: Jul 19, 2018 17:24:14 IST