Patio Unplugged: The Pinestone Project's Float Through To You speaks of hope amid darkness

Neil Roy

Dec 22, 2018 19:10:58 IST

There is an uncanny emotion connected to finger-style guitar players. They make melodies sound complete through the steel string chirpings, and while the fingers pluck the notes, the vulnerable human tunnel experiences heavy traffic.

Varun and Anondita knew the manual. Finger-style – a versatile genre leaning a bit towards classical in the guitar language – helped them craft the story better. They needed just one song to showcase their class at their Patio Unplugged session.

The duo is known as The Pinestone Project, but taking a cue out of their sound, they could well be called Melody Overloaded or A Gush of Nostalgia. You would agree when your heart skips a beat the moment she sings, “I wonder if I’ll find you at the break of dawn,” – a line from their original titled 'Float Through To You'.

Anondita’s innocent and clean voice provides the perfect balance as Varun keeps playing around lines and melodies throughout the song to weave a narrative around love, lost and found. The different phrasings reflect the multiple moods the song offers. There is hope amid darkness; the joy of healing scars after a battle with one's inner demons.

The song has somber seconds, but it finishes on a thinking note that leans towards positivity, mostly due to the fresh sound and presentation. The vocalist should take credit for matching the genius of the finger-style sound. It sounds easy but it actually isn’t. Anondita keeps it simple, and the vocal dynamics boost every emotion uttered by the strings.

It is hard to don the cynic hat when the melody gets the better of you, but the lyric department is probably the only one that is not as fresh as the rest of the presentation. But who cares if it moulds beautifully, right?

The musicians seem heavily inspired by Eric Clapton and Nuno Bettencourt. But this track definitely speaks more than the words.

The Pinestone Project

Anondita Mukherjee (Vocals)

Varun Singh (Guitars)

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Updated Date: Dec 22, 2018 19:10:58 IST