Pata Nahi Par Bolna Hai review: Karunesh Talwar's Amazon stand up special aptly reflects its title

Devki Nehra

Oct 09, 2019 09:36:47 IST

Karunesh Talwar’s stand up special, Pata Nahi Par Bolna Hai, really does fit its name. The show is a bunch of (somewhat sensible) ramblings by the comedian about everything, really. Whether it is his fear of becoming a typical Indian uncle or his commentary on men’s entitlement when they are on the lookout for a bride through the arranged marriage circuit.

 Pata Nahi Par Bolna Hai review: Karunesh Talwars Amazon stand up special aptly reflects its title

Karunesh Talwar in a still from his Amazon Prime stand up special, Pata Nahi Par Bolna Tha. YouTube

Not much of Talwar's work is on the Internet, except for a few YouTube videos where he takes on Masterchef Australia, women’s safety in the country, and his bone of contention with Indian parents. These performances are crisp, brief, and are likely to make you guffaw, but Pata Nahi Par Bolna Hai trudges on for almost an hour. Maybe stand-up comedy is better enjoyed live rather than in the confines of one's home.

Watch Talwar's stand up on Masterchef from Paka Mat Na Mote live show

Talwar touches on topics that most of us have thought about often, but have probably never said out loud. Unlike Kunal Kamra and Sorabh Pant, he does not venture into anything too serious, staying true to the claims of the comedy special's title.

Jokes like calling up an old British man, chugging alcohol straight from a bottle, and Old Monk sounded like the many asinine ones that find their way on your family’s WhatsApp group. But the first highlight of the special is Talwar’s witty observations about the mollycoddling of Indian men by their mothers, and the culture of arranged marriage.

He leaves the audience to reflect on how their own fathers may have also been undeserving of the women who were chosen as a suitable match after incessant scrutiny. Talwar comments on how Indian men are constantly infantilised, even as adults, and eventually seek a replacement for their mothers in their wives. He tries to maintain the momentum with some fillers, which will only make you smile, or, at best, chuckle.

Nearing the conclusion, Talwar shares a silly, gross, and graphic toilet joke (hopefully inspired by true incidents). Along the way, he drags teachers' stubborn and cruel logic to not let children out of class for bathroom breaks. While bowel movement-related anecdotes, even the funny ones, are not everyone’s cup of tea, this was the second and final highlight of Pata Nahi Par Bolna Tha.

His animated delivery, and the calculated pauses he takes for audiences to digest his words are fairly enjoyable to watch. The fact that Talwar chose to keep the parts where he messes up in the final cut, is a plus. The comedian does not shy away from profanity, which seems to bring out maximum laughs from the audience.

Pata Nahi Par Bolna Hai is a lukewarm set, not the best we have had but certainly not the worst.

Pata Nahi Par Bolna Hai is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video India.

Watch the trailer for the special here

Updated Date: Oct 10, 2019 15:14:00 IST