Palash Sen's Euphoria releases new hymn-like track titled 'Jesus The Lord Has Risen'

This song is vastly different from Euphoria's Maaeri and Dhoom Pichak Dhoom.

FP Staff April 18, 2017 14:37:38 IST
Palash Sen's Euphoria releases new hymn-like track titled 'Jesus The Lord Has Risen'

Euphoria, an Indian band known for songs like 'Maaeri' and 'Dhoom Pichak Dhoom', has released a new track called 'Jesus The Lord Has Risen'.

This song has the feel of a Church choir song, and fittingly, the video has been shot in a church too.

Palash Sens Euphoria releases new hymnlike track titled Jesus The Lord Has Risen

Euphoria. Image from Facebook

Frontman Palash Sen called the song India's first "Hindi Rock song about the Rockstar- Jesus Christ". In it, he calls Jesus his beacon, saviour and family. There are shots of Jesus walking through a forest, meeting children and walking past Sen. The video has been shot in the Sattal Christian Ashram in Nainital.

One part of the song, which explores the themes of spirituality, destiny, one's journey through life and God's role in it, also features a rap sequence. This song is quite unlike the rest of Euphoria's discography, which mainly used rock and roll to sing about love, relationships, society and culture. It was released just after Easter.

Euphoria was formed by Palash Sen with his friends in 1988, and since then, they have released seven albums. Apart from their own singles, the band also provided music for the Malayalam movie Best of Luck. They are best known for songs such as 'Phir Dhoom', 'Halla Bol' and 'Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali', which features actress Vidya Balan in the video.

Sen has expressed the belief that artists should follow their heart and take up independent projects, because he has found that a lot of famous singers get trapped into the business of making music.

Euphoria regularly performs live concerts, especially at colleges such as the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) and Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi.

In 2013, Palash Sen found himself in the midst of a controversy after a student of IIT Bombay complained about the alleged sexist remarks Sen made while on stage. While the management representative of the band denied that Sen would ever demean women, Sen did apologise for his comment to the complainant.

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