Pakistani woman crosses border for a glimpse of Salman Khan: Check out these other crazy Bhai fans

Zenia D'Cunha

Aug 01, 2015 08:55:34 IST

Salman Khan fans in India are a rare breed.

Outwardly, they appear to be normal with the right number of eyes, ears and limbs, but on the inside, they have special filters that enable them to focus only on Bhai's on-screen persona while ignoring his off-screen antics. Picture this - Salman fans getting misty-eyed and praising him for being the saviour in Bajrangi Bhaijaan who goes against all odds to return a girl to Pakistan while conveniently forgetting that  he was a convict out on bail during the movie's shoot.

While fanaticism for Indian film actors is not uncommon, with a Rajinikanth fan who was ready to donate his own kidneys to the ailing star or  a Shahrukh Khan fan turning his house into a SRK shrine. But Salman's fans are  are devotees —crossing gender, class, geographic and religious barriers for 'Bhai',  their 'Human' idol who will do no wrong.

From lining up outside theaters before his releases to crowding outside his Galaxy Apartment and to even stopping traffic around the court while he is on trial, these devotees can go to great lengths for the actor. Most of them don't even address him by name, but respectfully refer to him as 'Bhaijaan'. And the fact that he is a convicted criminal, in more than one case, with a history of violence, doesn't seem to faze these devotees at all!

As as his followers are trending #BajrangiBhaijaanstorm and #Fastest500crBajrangiBhaijaanere on Twitter, here are some of the craziest things Salman Khan fans have done for their 'Bhai'.

This woman from Pakistan who crossed borders to meet her favorite Bollywood stars

On 30th July, a woman from Pakistan was arrested from Jalandhar railway station for allegedly travelling without a passport and she said that she travelled to India just to have a glimpse of Salman Khan as well as Shah Rukh Khan, according to IBNLive.

 Pakistani woman crosses border for a glimpse of Salman Khan: Check out these other crazy Bhai fans

The Pakistani woman who crossed the border for Salman. IBNLive

The 27-year old is identified as Chanda and her husband's name is also Salman Khan it seems. She also said that her documents are with her family who departed at another station while travelling in the in Samjhauta Express.

In an interview with IBN, she says that she is going to meet Salman Khan (who does Bigg Boss) and Shah Rukh Khan in Mumbai. "Agar aap mujhe unse mila de toh meherbani hogi warna mujhe Allah par yakeen hain," she said very confiently while adding that her uncle had promised that he would help her meet them. "Aap Mujhe unse mila de, Pakistna bhej de ya goli maar de, yahi theen cheeze ho sakti hain," she emphatically added.

This man who went on an fast just to meet Salman

Malik Babubhai Shishangiya during his fast. Screengrab from YouTube

Malik Babubhai Shishangiya during his fast. Screengrab from YouTube

Most Bollywood fans cannot even go three hours in a theater without munching on something, but Salman fans can go on an indefinite fast for him .  A young man called Malik Babubhai Shishangiya went on a hunger strike just to meet the actor. This is not the only instance of a fan sacrificing food for the star. During his  time in jail,  there were several people  who only ate simple food in solidarity and after his conviction in May, conjoined twins Saba and Farah from Bihar, who are supposed to Salman's ‘Rakhi-sisters’ went on a fast as well.

This little girl who couldn't stop sobbing after seeing Salman in Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is praised for being one of Salman's most sentimental movies, showing him with the little, Munni, who he takes home to Pakistan, illegally. Many people were moved by the film's (highly unlikely) climax but none more than this little girl who sobbed uncontrollably after seeing a mute Munni yell 'Mama' and professed her love for Salman.

People who were willing to go to jail for him and even end their life during his trial

The fan who attempted suicide outside a court in Mumbai. Screengrab from YouTube

The fan who attempted suicide outside a court in Mumbai. Screengrab from YouTube

If you ever loved someone enough to want take their misfortune on yourself, who would it be? Parents, friends or spouse? Or would it be a film actor who doesn't even know you exist? As preposterous as it sounds, that's exactly what one fan, Naveen Raj Chauhan, was willing to do if the actor is found guilty in 2002 the hit-and- run case. Another fan tried to commit suicide by consuming poison outside the Bombay High Court, which was hearing the actor’s bail plea.

These fans who opened an entire-restaurant dedicated to 'Bhaijaan'

Bhaijaanz Restaurant. Image Credit: Facebook

Bhaijaanz Restaurant. Image Credit: Facebook

It is an established fact that Salman Khan is responsible for a lot of people's incomes. From his brothers, whose productions he stars in to all the people who have shops outside his Galaxy apartments, his mere presence provides for people. But these two fans took this to an all new level by opening up an entire restaurant dedicated to Bhaijaan called Bhaijaanz. The Bandra eatery is practically a shrine to the star with the walls covered with his posters and the menu categorized according to his films and songs.

Those who consider him to be the ultimate style icon

The Salman style epidemic.

The Salman style epidemic.

Then there are some other fans who display their love for Salman in a less lethal and money-consuming manner - by simply aping his style. From the iconic 'Friend' cap in his debut Maine Pyar Kiya (which was quite in vogue when it released) to the dreaded sunglasses-in-back-collar look from Dabangg, fans have imitated Salman's style in any way they can. Who can forget the dreaded epidemic of middle-parted, flowing hair when Tere Naam released *shudder* or the spurting of turquoise studded bracelet that every roadside romeo flaunts!  Imitation is the best form of flattery? Not quite because that hairstyle is anything but flattering!


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