Pakistan bans 'Agent Vinod' for ISI references?


Mar 20, 2012 18:09:33 IST

In 'Agent Vinod' the protagonist may travel across countries, but the film may not make it beyond the Indian border with the Pakistani censor board reportedly banning the film for its references

Times of India reported that a post by Atrium cinema, a multiplex chain in Karachi, had said that the censor board of Pakistan has banned the film for its alleged reference to the Pakistani intelligence agency, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

Pakistan bans Agent Vinod for ISI references?


Saif Ali Khan had mentioned in press conferences that his character in the film travels to Pakistan to solve a mystery.

Agent Vinod, written and directed by Sriram Raghavan is a fictional story about an Indian RAW Agent.

According to reports about the film so far, the protagonist's partner joins a terror group and supplies them them with all the information they seek but is killed and requires the character of Agent Vinod to solve the mystery.

The protagonist reportedly travels to Moscow, Pakistan, London  and  Cape Town to accomplish his mission.

Updated Date: Mar 20, 2012 18:09:33 IST