Oscars 2018: Wonder Woman, Thor and Pennywise miffed with Academy snub, ask 'why not us?' in song

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Mar,08 2018 15:38:53 IST

While the 2018 Oscars are over, the debate isn't. The latest and also most formidable group to gang up against the Academy comprises Wonder Woman, Pennywise, Thor, the four Chrises (Hemsworth, Pine, Pratt, Evans plus a guest appearance by Chris Rock), Tiffany Haddish, Michael Fassbender and Jason Momoa.

A still from 'Why Not Me'. YouTube

A still from 'Why Not Me'. YouTube

Titled 'Why Not Me', the song is a Greg Chung composition and has been uploaded on The Lonely Island's channel. If you are someone who wasn't fully satisfied with the decisions of the Academy this year, you'll have your Oscars wish list checked by the end of this song.

Wonder Woman and Thor along with Pennywise lead this sullen rebellion against the awarding authorities. Each of the aforementioned actors have their own complaints. The scary clown from the 2017 blockbuster It mocks the Oscars for being white but not considering him worthy enough for a nomination.

Gal Gadot and Chris Hemsworth complain about saving the world, fighting off villains and still not getting an Oscar. Gadot's takes the ultimate dig at Phantom Thread's lead actor with: "I left my family to fight the devil below, but I guess it was hard for Daniel Day Lewis to sew."

Jason Momoa's Aquaman is incredibly pissed with The Shape of Water winning Best Picture and Best Picture as to him, it was basically about a woman falling for a fishman (which he kind of is, too). At some point, you will also hear Dwayne Johnson ranting in a gruff, made-up voice, "If popcorn movies are bad, how come popcorn's so delicious?"

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Updated Date: Mar 08, 2018 15:38 PM