Oscars 2018 highlights: The Shape of Water wins Best Picture at ceremony dominated by Time's Up, #MeToo

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Mar,05 2018 10:15:03 IST

Oscars 2018 highlights: The Shape of Water wins Best Picture at ceremony dominated by Time's Up, #MeToo


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  • Anupam Kant Verma, filmmaker

    And that's a wrap!

    So largely, a predictable list of winners. 

  • Sneha Khale, Pop Culture Writer

    The Shape of Water wins Best Picture

    The Shape of Water it is, and Guillermo del Toro took the envelope from Warren Beatty, just to confirm he'd read the name correctly. The times we live in. Meanwhile, Mark Bridges wins the jet ski! 

  • And the big award of the ceremony, presented by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway — Best Picture

    The award goes to: The Shape of Water

  • Anupam Kant Verma, filmmaker

    Frances for the win!

    It is worth observing the extraordinary strength of female performances this year. On average, better than the male ones. McDormand is simply f*cking awesome!

  • A "standing" ovation

    Frances McDormand asks all the female Oscar nominees to stand up with her, ("Meryl if you do it, everyone will), and speaks about inclusion.

    "We are a bunch of hooligans and anarchists but we do clean up nice."

  • Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lawrence present the Best Performance by an Actress in a lead role

    And the award goes to: Frances Mcdormand for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

  • Gary Oldman's speech on winning Best Actor award

    "My deepest thanks to the Academy for this glorious prize. I've lived in America for the longest times and I'm deeply grateful for the friendships, my home, my livelihood, my family and the Oscars. The movies, their power captivated a man from south London with a dream."

  • Best Actor award, presented by Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren

    And the award goes to Gary Oldman for Phantom Thread

  • I am an immigrant, says Del Toro

    I am an immigrant. The greatest thing out industry does is to erase lines. 


  • Award for Best Director being announced by Emma Stone

    And the award goes to: Guillermo Del Toro for The Shape of Water. This is his fourth nomination and first oscar win.

  • The next award being presented is Best Original Song

    And the award goes to Remember Me from Coco.

  • Christopher Walken presents the award for Best Original Score

    And the award goes to: Alexander Desplat for The Shape Of Water. This is the film's second award, first one being Production Design.

  • Sneha Khale, Pop Culture Writer

    Sandra Bullocks remains Miss Congeniality

    Sandra Bullock was on stage to present Best Cinematography. And she wanted the stage lights to be lowered so she can pass off as a 40 year old. Nay, she had it lowered so she could pass off for a 38-year old. Haha!

  • Anupam Kant Verma, filmmaker

    "The cool dude of cinematography"

    After over a billion nominations, the cool dude of cinematography wins that darn Oscar! Never been more relieved. Thankfully, unlike Scorsese, he won it for a film where he richly deserved the award.

  • Sneha Khale, Pop Culture Writer

    Roger Deakins finally wins!

    Blade Runner 2049 wins Best Cinematography. First Oscar in 13 tries for Roger Deakins. So glad he won!

  • Sandra Bullock announces Achievement in Cinematography

    And the award goes to Roger Deakins for Blade Runner 2049

  • Anupam Kant Verma, filmmaker

    Horror films and Oscars

    In keeping with the Oscars embracing diversity, Get Out wins original screenplay. Not to forget, its win marks a paradigm shift for the way horror films are perceived. At the highest table.

    There have been many horror films that tackle subjects of race and gender, among other subjects, head on. Get Out arrived at an opportune time.

  • Sneha Khale, Pop Culture Writer

    Jordan Peele wins Best Original Screenplay for Get Out

    Peele asked the audience (they'd gotten up to give him a standing ovation) to keep quiet, because "they were costing him his jet ski." Gotta love this guy :)

  • Best Original Screenplay, announced by Nicole Kidman

    And the award goes to: Jordan Peele for Get Out.

  • Chadwick Boseman and Margot Robbie announce award for Best Adapted Screenplay

    And the award goes to: James Ivory for Call Me By Your Name. Ivory is the oldest Oscar winner so far.

  • Sneha Khale, Pop Culture Writer

    The Silent Child wins Best Live Action Short

    Chris Overton and Rachel Shenton just won Best Live Action Short for The Silent Child. The movie looks really interesting, it's about a deaf child. And in a sidenote: Overton and Shenton are a ridiculously good looking couple!

  • Margot Robbie and Gal Gadot share a light moment

  • Best Live Action Short

    The award goes to The Silent Child

  • Sneha Khale, Pop Culture Writer


    Tiffany Haddish, which announcing the winner, wondered if the Oscars are too black now. She also wants Meryl Streep to be her mom "one day.' Don't we all, Haddish, don't we all?

  • Next up is the award for Best Documentary (short subject)

    The winner is Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405

  • Here's a tally for the awards so far:

    Dunkirk - 3
    Three Billboards - 1
    Darkest Hour - 1
    Phantom Thread - 1
    The Shape of Water - 1
    I, Tonya - 1 
    Blade Runner 2049 - 1

  • Sneha Khale, Pop Culture Writer


    Kimmel just gathered a bunch of huge stars (Mark Hamill, Gal Gadot, Lin Manuel Miranda etc.) to go surprise the movie audience at a movie screen just across the Dolby theatre. To thank the people who go watch movies.

    This is going to be fun!

  • Dunkirk nabs the editing award. 

    What a relief! This is the third award for Christopher Nolan.

  • Matthew Mcconaughey announces award for Best Editing

    And the award goes to: Dunkirk

  • Gina Rodriguez and Tom Holland announce award for Achievement in Visual Effects

    The Award goes to: Blade Runner 2049

  • Anupam Kant Verma, filmmaker

    On Coco winning..

    Perhaps the Academy shudders at the mere mention of not giving the statuette away to a Pixar film. Mexico seems to be turning into the flavour of this year's ceremony. The entire ceremony seems to be designed as an affront to Trump.

  • Sneha Khale, Pop Culture Writer

    Best Animated Feature

    Predictably, Coco wins. But The Breadwinner and Loving Vincent were so much more beautiful. Disney-Pixar wins. Again.

  • Best Animated feature film

    And the award goes to Pixar's Coco

  • Sneha Khale, Pop Culture Writer

    Kobe has an Oscar!

    Mark Hamill, Chris Issac, Kelly Marie Tran, and BB-8 present Best Animated Short. Dear Basketball wins. Kobe Bryant adds an Oscar to his NBA trophies. Dayum! Bryant takes a dig at conservatives: "I don't know, basketball players are just supposed to shut up and dribble." Proof that they can and should do more. Love it.

  • Best Animated Short film 

    And the award goes to: Dear Basketball

  • Anupam Kant Verma, filmmaker

    A Fantastic Woman is a deserving win

    A Fantastic Woman pulls off a coup with the Foreign Film win. A brave, brave film bolstered by an even braver performance by Daniela Vega.

  • Sneha Khale, Pop Culture Writer

    Allison Janney bags Best Supporting Actress

    Mahershala Ali presenting the super-competitive Best Supporting Actress category. So many great performances! And, Allison Janney it is! After 7 Emmys, she adds an Oscar to her list of awards. "I did it all by myself" - Allison Janney's first sentence in her acceptance speech. 

  • Best Supporting Actress award announced by Mahershala Ali (who won the award last year for Moonlight)

    And the award goes to: Allison Janney for I, Tonya. "I did it all by myself," she says, as she accepts the award. Thunderous applause followed. 

  • Rita Morena announces award for Best Foreign Language film

    And the award goes to: Una mujer fantástica (A Fantastic Woman)

  • Gary Rizzo's wise words

  • Anupam Kant Verma, filmmaker

    Shape of Water wins first award 

    Shape of Water was always favourite for Production Design. Blade Runner 2049 had an outside chance. Meanwhile, a mildly exhilarating rendition of Remember Me from Coco on the stage.

  • Sneha Khale, Pop Culture Writer

    Lupita Nyong'o and Kumail Nanjiani talks about how "dreams are the foundation of America" 

    They also said they are immigrants from places that "Hollywood can't find on a map". Lupita Nyong'o and Kumail Nanjiani presenting now, for Production Design, talk about how people struggle to pronounce their names (Nanjiani jokes about how his given Pakistani name is actually Chris Pine. Dam you, white Chris Pine!). And them being immigrants. Shape of Water wins Best Production Design. First win for the trio of designers.

  • Lupita Nyong'o and Kumail Nanjiani announce award for Best Production Design 

    The award goes to: The Shape of Water 

  • Andra Day gets ready for her musical performance

    Behind the scenes: @Andradaymusic gets ready to perform on the #Oscars stage.

    A post shared by The Academy (@theacademy) on

  • Chris Evans thinks Sam Rockwell's win was "well-deserved"

  • Achievement in Sound Mixing

    The award goes to: Gregg Landaker, Gary Rizzo and Mark Weingarten for Dunkirk. Christopher Nolan's film has started their techinical awards streak.

  • Award for Best Sound Editing being announced

    And the award goes to: Richard King and Alex Gibson for Dunkirk 

Oscars 2018 latest updates: Best Director award goes to Guillermo Del Toro, Best actor award goes to Gary Oldman and Best Actress to Frances McDormand.

Best Original Song goes to Remember Me from Coco. Best Original Score goes to: Alexander Desplat for The Shape Of Water.

Roger Deakins wins Best Cinematography for Blade Runner 2049.

Best Adapted Screenplay goes to James Ivory for Call Me By Your Name. Jordan Peele wins Best Original Screenplay for Get Out.

Best Documentary award goes to Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405, and Best Live Action Short goes to The Silent Child. 

Dunkirk wins its third award, for Best Editing. Blade Runner 2049 wins one of its first few awards, Achievement in Visual Effects.

Best Animated feature film award goes to Disney-Pixar's Coco.

Rita Morena announces award for Best Foreign Language film (A Fanstatic Woman). Mahershala Ali announced the Best Actress in Supporting Role: the winner is Allison Janney for I, Tonya.

Lupita Nyong'o and Kumail Nanjiani talks about how "dreams are the foundation of America". Best Production Design award goes to The Shape of Water.

Dunkirk wins award for Best Sound Editing and Sound mixing.

The Best Costume Design award goes to Phantom Thread. Greta Gerwig announces the award for Best Documentary (Feature).

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of Oscars 2018, spoke about Black Panther and how only 11 % of the films released in Hollywood are directed by women. He spoke about The Shape of Water too and started his opening ceremony speech with a bunch of jokes.

Greta Gerwig talks about Ladybird and the mother-daughter relationship on the Red Carpet. Saoirse Ronan also spoke about her role. Meanwhile, spotted on the red carpet in Black Panther mode was Chadwick Boseman.

Hollywood's most prestigious awards show, The Academy Awards or the Oscars, will take place on Sunday, 4 March. This is a standout year for Hollywood, not just for a volatile few months surrounding the #MeToo and Time's Up campaign, but also since this year, there is no clear front-runner for the awards.

With a staggering nine nominations in the Best Picture category, this year's ceremony is sure to be nail-biting.

From a quirky fairy tale romance to a dark comedy about a murder investigation, via a couple of coming-of-age tales and a horror satire, the contenders for the best picture Oscar offer audiences an array of genres and themes.

The Best Picture nominees.

Here is a brief summary of the nine films vying for the most prestigious prize at Sunday's Oscars ceremony:

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Martin McDonagh's darkly funny tragicomedy has surged at the 11th hour to go into Sunday as the narrow favorite in what most experts are characterising as a four-way race with The Shape of Water, Get Out and Lady Bird.

The Shape of Water

Guillermo del Toro's romantic Cold War-era fantasy tells the story of a mute cleaning woman who falls in love with a captive magical river creature in a secret US government lab in 1960s Baltimore.

Get Out

The bold satire about race relations -- told by first-time feature director Jordan Peele in the form of a fantastical horror movie -- is one of the top five best critically-received movies of all time, according to Rotten Tomatoes, which collates reviews.

Lady Bird

Greta Gerwig's solo feature directorial debut -- a moving and authentic portrait of a volatile mother-daughter relationship -- could see her become only the second woman ever to win the Oscar for best director.


The tense retelling of the storied 1940 evacuation of hundreds of thousands of Allied troops from a beach in northern France, starring One Direction singer Harry Styles, is an outsider for the top prize going into Sunday.

Darkest Hour

British actor Gary Oldman, who disappears entirely into the role of Churchill thanks to some convincing make-up and padding, is expected to bring home his first Oscar for best actor, although the movie is another outsider for best picture.

Call Me by Your Name

Luca Guadagnino's paean to the universal heartbreak of first love, set in northern Italy in the 1980s, has three nominations other than best picture -- for Ivory's screenplay, a best actor nod for Chalamet's performance and best original song.

The Post

Steven Spielberg's celebration of journalism and the free press recounts the nail-biting behind-the-scenes story of the 1971 publication by The Washington Post of the Pentagon Papers, which exposed the lies behind US involvement in the Vietnam War.


Phantom Thread

In a movie full of noteworthy performances, the most remarkable thing about this project is the fact that its towering, iconic star — triple Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis — says it will be his last.

Anderson's tender but brutal story of the romance between a dressmaker and his muse is also up for best director and actor, best supporting actress for Lesley Manville, best score for Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood and best costume design.

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