Oscars 2015: Here is a PSA that gives you a 101 on how to lose gracefully

FP Staff

Feb 19, 2015 14:19:30 IST

The art of losing gracefully is one that few can master. Some, like Leonardo DiCaprio who has been a nominee and a loser many times, manfully attend the Oscars and smile gracefully when the award goes to someone else. Remember when DiCaprio lost the Best Actor Award to Matthew McConaughey, but still got up and planted a kiss on McConaughey's cheek and congratulated him?

For those not quite as skilled at facing rejections, celebrity impressionist Piotr Michael has a public service advertisement with tips on how to accept their loss gracefully.

Oscars 2015: Here is a PSA that gives you a 101 on how to lose gracefully


In the video we see Michael impersonate various celebrities as he presents a 101 on losing at Oscars. He begins with Harrison Ford's voice and advices that if you lose, "try and giving yourself a genuine smile". While the mimicry is bang on, what is even more awesome is that it sounds like something Ford would say. He then moves on to a veteran Oscars loser Jeff Bridges, who asks you to " eat a special brownie" before the show (for those of you who do not know, Bridges is known for partying and smoking up. We're guessing the special ingredient in that brownie is marijuana).

After from Bridges and Ford, Michael also pretends to be Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, and doles out advices for the losers. Michael as De Niro says that asking to hold the winner's trophy may not be wise (Jennifer Lawrence probably begs to differ) and as Al Pacino, Michael advises that the best way to watch Oscars is at home, in your underwear.

The other celebrity impersonations in the video are spot on too. We especially like Michael's Ian 'Gandalf' Mckellen saying in his gorgeous British accent, "lose with dignity and pride because next time you may win bigger". Michael had previously make a PSA on Oscars acceptance speech as well.

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Updated Date: Feb 19, 2015 14:19:30 IST