Original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter shares details of sexual harassment; talks about power of #MeToo, Time's Up

FP Staff

Mar 13, 2018 13:25:22 IST

Lynda Carter, the actress who played Wonder Woman from 1975 to 1979 in the TV show of the same name, has finally spoken out about the sexual harassment faced by her back in the 70s.

Carter, in an interview with The Daily Beast, revealed the harassment she had to face on the sets of Wonder Woman. Carter has been a strong supporter of the #MeToo movement — a way of protest by which women share the stories of sexual harassment and assault on social media.

Carter, who has been a feminist icon for much of her career, said the one of the men who sexually assaulted her has already been named during the Time's Up and #MeToo campaigns. She also said that this particular individual has been preying on "a lot of people." She declined to identify him or detail the incident.

"He's already being done in. There's no advantage in piling on again," she told The Daily Beast. Carter also said that she had explored legal options only to find she had none. "There's nothing legally I could add to it, because I looked into it. I'm just another face in the crowd," she said.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman/Image from Twitter.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman/Image from Twitter.

Carter also said that on the sets on Wonder Woman a cameraman had drilled a hole into her dressing room. The person responsible was for this was caught, and subsequently fired, but the actress had to regularly fend off such incidents. She also revealed that complaints of sexual harassment was not taken seriously, and most of the times the perpetrators would laugh off the accusations as a joke thus creating an element of deniability.

She also said that women didn't have anyone to talk to or share such incidents with other than their close friends. Aspiring and rising actresses would keep quiet in fear of being blacklisted from Hollywood, Carter reveled. If you did come forward, no one would believe you, said Carter. She also said that the number of stories of sexual assault that have recently come forward is not surprising for any woman at all; it has been going on for decades and everyone knows about it.

Lynda Carter with Gal Gadot/Image from Twitter.

Lynda Carter with Gal Gadot/Image from Twitter.

The Wonder Woman actress also said that celebrities who have called the Time'sUp and #MeToo movements a 'witch hunt' need to understand the clear difference between hitting on a woman, which everyone has, and cornering them or locking them in a room.

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