'Orange Is The New Black' S4 trailer: Piper and company have 100 new problems

FP Staff

May 11, 2016 11:18:51 IST

Season three of everybody’s favourite incarceration drama Orange Is The New Black diverged from its previous seasons in quite a few ways — for one, Piper’s wasn’t the main point of view anymore. For another, instead of one major story arc, there were several smaller ones, providing each character a chance to step into the spotlight.

But when the season three finale rolled around, there was an indication that season four would in fact, centre around one major event or happening — the introduction of new prisoners at Litchfield.

Still from trailer of Orange Is The New Black season four trailer. Screen grab from YouTube

Still from trailer of Orange Is The New Black season four trailer. Screen grab from YouTube

The new season four trailer builds on that little nugget we were shown in season three. The Litchfield inmates were happy that new beds were being put into their cubicles. What they didn’t know, however, was that they weren’t just getting new beds — they were getting extra beds.

The prison being converted to the for-profit model, a lot more prisoners (read, at least a hundred) are being brought to Litchfield. Just when the Litchfield women have managed to achieve some sort of equilibrium and friendships with each other, within the walls, along will come these new inmates, up-ending those equations in a minute.

The cubicles will get crowded, the lines at the bathrooms are going to get a whole lot longer, and we suppose the dining hall and yard aren’t going to be the pleasantest of places either.

Along with the new inmates, there are also new guards. And they seem a whole lot more brutal than the oft-shifty officers at Litchfield — which doesn’t bode well for Piper and company.

The trailer for season four doesn’t just set up the clashes between inmates old and new, and the guards, it also gives a glimpse of the storylines that we’ll see continuing from season three. Alex’s run-in with Kubra’s henchmen is yet to play out, Soso and Poussey are exploring their new friendship (yay!), Morello’s new marriage already seems to be in trouble (or something at least, is making her cry, and bang payphones against walls in frustration) and Taystee is coming to grips with her new job as Warden Caputo’s secretary. As for Piper, she tells us she’s feeling unsafe. There is still no sign of Nicky, who last we saw, had been punished for possessing drugs.

Season four may focus a lot more on the drama rather than the black humour that has lightened Orange Is The New Black so much in previous seasons. One reason may be the Emmy ruling that the show can only compete in the drama comedy and not the comedy category — so why focus on an aspect that isn’t going to win you any awards, right? Wrong. OITNB has always prided itself on being swimming against the tide, and we predict that scattered throughout the moments of heavy-duty drama in season four will be some surprising, and heartwarming, humour (we’re watching you, Cindy!).

Best lines of the trailer: Pennsatucky telling Boo — “You know the difference between pain and suffering? Pain is always there. But suffering is a choice.”

Watch the trailer here:

Updated Date: May 11, 2016 11:18:51 IST