On 'Dancing With The Stars', 'Donald Trump' and 'Melania' cha-cha in the Oval Office

FP Staff

Mar 30, 2016 11:01:50 IST

What will Donald Trump do if (or should we say, when?) he makes it to the White House?

According to Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera, Trump will make long phone calls to his pal “Vlad” (Vladimir Putin) and do the cha-cha with his lovely wife Melania in the Oval Office.

On Dancing With The Stars, Donald Trump and Melania cha-cha in the Oval Office

Geraldo Rivera as Donald Trump on Dancing With The Stars. Screen grab from YouTube

Or at least that was the premise of a sequence performed by Rivera — who is a contestant on Dancing With The Stars — during the opening episode of the popular TV show’s 22nd season. Rivera, 72, was accompanied by pro-dancer Edyta Sliwinska in the routine.

Rivera, who donned a Trump-like wig for the routine, is shown sitting in the Oval Office and chatting on the phone with Putin when Edyta, as Melania, props herself up against his desk. She sheds her fur wrap to reveal a pink rhinestone-studded costume underneath and leads “the Donald” into a salsa number. "Trump" himself trades his staid suit for a flowery Hawaiian shirt.

Unfortunately for Rivera, the Republican Party Presidential candidate forerunner’s luck did not rub off on him, and he and Edyta ended up with the least points among the contestants on the show’s new season. They were then eliminated from the competition.

Judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman seemed less than impressed. Goodman called the performance “trumpery” (showy, but worthless) while Inaba added a kind word and said the routine “did make me laugh”.

Rivera, who is pals with Trump in real life, said his friend would have “got a kick” out of the routine. We don’t know about that, but had Rivera been a contestant on his reality TV show The Apprentice, he would have got a curt “You’re fired”.

Watch Rivera's routine here:


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