On Bryan Adam's 60th birthday, a playlist of his best songs, from 'Run To You' to 'Shine A Light'

Devki Nehra

Nov 05, 2019 15:50:06 IST

Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams turns 60 on Tuesday. Many across the globe have grown up listening to the rocker, who began his career with an eponymous album in 1980.

The raspy voiced-musician only went on to gain stardom four years later with Reckless, which includes the infamous 'Summer of 69'. Adams has frequently performed in India. In 2018, which marked his fifth visit, he took a four-city concert tour.

Besides being a prolific name in the music industry, Adams is a staunch animal activist and a gifted photographer. His work has been published in Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Esquire. Adams has also worked on fashion campaigns for brands like Hugo Boss, Guess, and Mont Blanc.

 On Bryan Adams 60th birthday, a playlist of his best songs, from Run To You to Shine A Light

Bryan Adams. Image from Twitter

In honour of the rocker hitting the big 6-0, below is a playlist of his some memorable songs, besides 'Summer of 69'.


'Heaven' is one of the six singles released from Adam's Reckless but was first a part of the soundtrack of A Night in Heaven (1983). Written alongside Vallance, the song is stylistically inspired by Journey, a band with whom Adams had toured once.

'Hidin' from Love'

One of the initial songs created by Adams alongside producer Jim Vallance, 'Hidin' From Love' is energetic, but the singer's vocals tend to get lost against the instrumentals. Vallance, on his website, wrote the song was "inspired by a combination of styles and influences", especially American rock bands of the '70s, like The Cars and Totò.

'Run to You'

Another song off Reckless, this one has Adams sing from standpoint of a man, who desires to leave behind a partner for a mistress — "She's got a heart of gold, she'd never let me down/ But you're the one that always turns me on."

'Shine a Light'

Co-written with Ed Sheeran, 'Shine a Light' is an upbeat number preaching motivation and hope. The song, which stays faithful to his signature pop-rock sound, comes from Adams' 2019 album of the same name.

'I'm Ready' (MTV Unplugged version)

Sometime in 1997, Adams recorded a live acoustic album on MTV Unplugged, including a mellow, ethereal rendition of rock song 'I'm Ready' (from his 1983's Cuts Like a Knife). Here, he is accompanied by an orchestral ensemble, including an airy solo of the flute.

'The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You'

Released in 1996, Adams' raunchy, romantic number earned him a Grammy Nomination for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.

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