Not again: Singer Abhijeet claims Chennai girl's murder is a case of 'love jihad'

FP Staff

July 02, 2016 14:24:58 IST

In a shocking update, Bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya claimed in his recent tweet that the Chennai Infosys employee S. Swathi's murder is a case of 'love jihad'. Swati was murdered on Chennai's Nungumbakkam railway station early one morning.

According to the report he shared, the real story behind Swati's murder is that a muslim man who killed her due to religious sentiments.

"But all her dreams would be shattered that Friday morning by a knife wielding entity that is familiar to hundreds and thousands of Hindu Girls victimized and destroyed, known as the Love Jihadi. The media’s job is to deny his hand, The Pattern here is clear- to terrorize Hindu Girls as to what will happen if they refuse the advances of a Jihadi?" reads the report.

The appalling and unverified claims of this clearly biased report apart, Abhijeet still continues to suffer from a foot-in-mouth situation, much like the previous instance of him siding with Salman Khan over his hit-and-run case.

This is not the first time Abhijeet has tweeted ludicrous and embarrassingly communal claims.

We hope he recovers soon.

Updated Date: Jul 02, 2016 14:24 PM