'No plans to get married right now': Varun Dhawan addresses wedding rumours


Mar 12, 2016 12:16:46 IST

Mumbai: Varun Dhawan says that he is trying to do different films and roles to offer audiences something new, since they might get bored otherwise.

About his journey in the industry till now, Varun said: "I still feel it is very soon, I just want to try and do things I believe in, I've never taken a decision thinking that a film will make so much money at the box-office.

"My decisions have always been about what the audience will enjoy, that's why I'm trying to do different roles, films that look a little different from regular films, the music could be different, the background, the way it is shot… I'm trying to offer the audience something new because in today's digital day and age, it's very easy for people to get bored, because we're exposed to so much global cinema. So it's very important as an artiste, that I keep expanding and exploring new avenues," he said.

No plans to get married right now: Varun Dhawan addresses wedding rumours

Varun Dhawan. Photo by Sachin Gokhale

While Varun has featured in mostly commercial entertainers, his Badlapur act was different, which got him nominated for almost all the award shows this year.

Asked if he had left behind Sidharth Malhotra, who also debuted in the same film as him (Student of the Year), in the Bollywood “rat race”, Varun said: "I don't see things that way, I see that we are an industry together... the film industry is a very democratic unit and it has to function that way for the industry to thrive.”

"Year on year if the industry does well, that is when every artist will do well. How many films we are producing and how many are doing well and not doing well, it has to be looked at in totality. It happens that someone's films work and sometimes they don’t, that's life. I think Sidharth is a very good actor, very capable and in the coming years, he is really going to show it a lot."

Varun was also quizzed about his plans regarding tying the knot. "I don't have any plans of getting married right now," he said.

Reports of Varun and his rumoured girlfriend Natasha Dalal getting hitched have been doing the rounds for quite some time now, with pictures of them getting spotted at various places getting flashed.

The rumours were earlier denied by his father, director David Dhawan, who said Varun will take his time to get married, since he should be married to his profession at the moment and that he would let him marry only once his Partner star Salman Khan will get married.

Varun is gearing up for his next film Dishoom with John Abraham. It is being directed by his elder brother Rohit Dhawan.


Updated Date: Mar 12, 2016 12:16:46 IST