No inhibitions in shooting without script: Freida Pinto


Mar 17, 2016 14:29:04 IST

New Delhi: She didn't have a script to memorise dialogues from when she had to shoot with Christian Bale in Terrence Malick's Knight of Cups. But that didn't faze her at all, says actress Freida Pinto.

Freida, who found acclaim in the West after Slumdog Millionaire, has no fear of working without scripts, as she says it can get "nerve-wracking" initially but is a very "relaxing, fun and liberating" experience.

No inhibitions in shooting without script: Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto. Image from Getty

“It is true that we had no script for the film. The truth is that Terrence Malick has worked in a lot of his films with pretty much the same format. If you know Terrence Malick, you know what you are getting into and you sign up for it," she said.

"It was a different experience. I actually don't have a lot of inhibitions or fears when it comes to doing something which is not scripted," Freida told IANS over phone from Los Angeles.

Was it challenging?

She said: "It is definitely a bit nerve-racking on the first day because you don't know where you are going to go but once you figure that out then it doesn't really matter... It is actually very relaxing, it becomes fun and very liberating. It is an experience that I completely embrace."

The film, which released in the US last week, follows the life of a writer Rick (Bale) in Hollywood. It narrates his journey in search of love and self. He encounters six women, including one played by Freida, who help him see a way forward.

The film also stars biggies like Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, and Antonio Banderas.

Freida, who has also been a part of films like Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Immortals and is also doing her bit for society by associating with social initiatives like the Girls Rising campaign, shares that working with a director like Malick was "an absolutely fantastic experience".

"One because it was Terrence Malick's film. It is a special experience... I don't have scenes with Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman... The film shows the journey that Christian's character Rick goes through and how these various women in his life have a key to something that he is trying to discover and find," she said.

As of now, there are a couple of other projects that Freida is working on, but she refrained from delving into details. The actress is voicing Mowgli's adoptive mother in the Warner Brothers' motion capture live-action adventure Jungle Book: Origins, which will hit theatre screens in 2017.


Updated Date: Mar 17, 2016 14:29:04 IST