Nicolas Cage to star in Colour out of Space, based on HP Lovecraft's popular meteorite crash thriller

Agence France-Presse

Jan 25, 2019 09:55:12 IST

Los Angeles: Sci-fi thriller Color Out of Space is leading with Nicolas Cage; it’s a first film in 25 years for director Richard Stanley, adapting an HP Lovecraft story of the same name.

 Nicolas Cage to star in Colour out of Space, based on HP Lovecrafts popular meteorite crash thriller

Nicolas Cage. Image via Twitter

US author HP Lovecraft wrote slow-burn meteorite crash horror The Colour Out of Space in 1927, South African director Richard Stanley helmed his previous film in 1994.

Both are involved in a new interpretation of Colour Out of Space, which details the horrifying effects that a crashed meteorite had on the plants, animals, and human population adjacent to its impact site.

This adaptation appears to alter the original story somewhat, in that the farm belongs not to a local, but a family that’s recently moved in.

Colour Out of Space is in production at SpectreVision, the same company that pushed Cage’s 2018 acclaimed action horror Mandy.

With filming to begin in February, the project has been announced just as the Sundance Film Festival begins and a few weeks ahead of February’s own Berlin International Film Festival (and the industry marketplace that runs alongside it).

Stanley became a cult sci-fi director thanks to the successes of two early 1990s films, robot warrior horror Hardware and hitchhiking horror Dust Devil.

After helming 1994’s 50-minute film Brave for the album of the same name by British prog rock band Marillion, doomed H G Wells adaption The Island of Dr Moreau followed.

Stanley co-wrote the notoriously troubled Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer movie but had to leave his role as director after only three days of filming.

Since then he’s been involved in several documentaries and short films as writer and director, with a handful of other feature films based on his writing; 2014 documentary and Horrorfest winner Lost Soul presented the Island of Dr Moreau debacle from his insider’s perspective.

In Colour Out of Space, Cage heads up a selection of concurrently announced actors: Julian Hilliard of The Haunting of Hill House and Elliot Knight of Life Sentence and American Gothic, Joely Richardson of Nip/Tuck and Event Horizon, Q’Orianka Kilcher of The New World and The Alienist, and Tommy Chong of the Cheech and Chong franchise.

Updated Date: Jan 25, 2019 09:55:12 IST