NH7 Weekender: Vishal Dadlani names the five acts you shouldn't miss

Apoorva Dutt

Oct 18, 2013 17:02:39 IST

Vishal Dadlani, music composer and singer, speaks exclusively to Firstpost and tells us what his top five picks for this weekend's Bacardi NH7 Weekender will be.

NH7 Weekender: Vishal Dadlani names the five acts you shouldnt miss

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Read below and plan your three days at the music festival accordingly.

1. Chase and Status

Chase and Status almost perfectly embodies the recent commercial rise of dance music. The band, composed of Saul Milton and Will Kennard, began its career a decade ago. Ten years on, their dubstep-influenced breakbeat music has led to a platinum album, as well as a touring schedule which includes some of Britain's biggest venues.

"They're electro, but are also in a rock and roll kinda head space," says Dadlani. "They have some quirky influences, and always keep it fun and interesting."


2. Scribe

Scribe is one one of India’s most successful metal bands, and are at the forefront when it comes to the 'hardcore' genre. But it's not all darkness here - Scribe is known for being one of the best live acts out there. They have some quirky songs as well - one documents their love for pav bhaji.

Vishwesh K, the frontman, always puts up a good show, as does the rest of the band, points out Dadlani. "They are completely inventive and crazy. Anything can happen at a Scribe performance," notes Dadlani.


3. Raghu Dixit

Raghu Dixit (who spoke to Firstpost about performing at the festival) is also one of Dadlani's top choices. “People love us because we’re so happy. We’ve been amazingly accepted. Almost every musician is so serious and complaining, and then we come on stage in our colourful lungis and making stupid jokes. Fans love us because we have a positive message," Dixit said in an interview to Firstpost.

"I love Raghu's music, and he is always a constant on my favourites list," says Dadlani. Another plus to seeing him perform? He might be performing material from his new album, which is releasing soon.


4. Nischay Parekh

Nischay Parekh is a multi-instrumentalist musician from Kolkata, India.  Parekh plays the guitar and keyboards and fronts Kolkata based alt/pop-rock band, The Monkey In Me.

In October 2013, Parekh released his debut album, Ocean, that features the hit singles ‘I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll’ and ‘Ocean’. "I just recently heard his stuff  because I got sent his EP," says Dadlani. "Fantastic music, beautiful vocals."


5. Pentagram

Dadlani's very own band - Pentagram. Started in 1994, the band is considered one of the pioneering of Indian independent music, and were the gateway drug to many of the fans who went on to discover other independent acts. Their latest studio album, Bloodywood, released in 2011.

"We will blow it up, that is my personal guarantee," says Dadlani. What could be a better assurance of a good time at the Pentagram gig?

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