Netflix mocks viewers who watched its own film A Christmas Prince, gets called out on Twitter

FP Staff

December 12, 2017 20:17:39 IST

Not every movie on Netflix is great. The primary example of this is A Christmas Prince. With the holiday season around the corner, A Christmas Prince tells the story of an outstandingly bad New York reporter (played by Rose McIver) sent to cover a royal press conference in the fictional European country of Aldovia.

She then goes undercover as a tutor for the disabled sister of a 'playboy prince' (played by Ben Lamb), falls in love with him, and unearths a royal scandal. A Christmas Prince turned out to be a movie that was so bad it was actually good. Many took to Twitter to express how much they hated, as well as enjoyed the movie.

Netflix took notice of the social media take-down of their movie A Christmas Prince and chimed in on the action with this now-viral tweet.

But some weren't happy with what they saw as Netflix making fun of its own viewers response. Netflix traditionally keeps its subscriber data a secret (they recently released a brief report of the highlights of user behaviour for 2017), but revealed it for comedic purposes, and many weren't happy about that. They expressed concern and asked for specifics about how many Netflix employees have access to user data.

Meanwhile, Netflix has defended their tweet, saying it doesn't identify individual users, as per a report by the BBC.

Updated Date: Dec 12, 2017 20:19 PM