Netflix announces two dramas, three feature films based on Kingsman author Mark Millar's comics

FP Staff

Jul 18, 2018 18:59:06 IST

After acquiring rights to Mark Millar's publishing house Millarworld in 2017 and publishing a comic book The Magic Order with him, Netflix has picked up multiple projects based on the author's comics. Millar has also authored Kickass and Kingsman that were eventually adapted into films.

The Hollywood Reportewrote that the streaming giant plans to release two TV shows, Jupiter's Legacy and American Jesus as well as three original features Empress, Huck and Sharkey the Bounty Hunter.

 Netflix announces two dramas, three feature films based on Kingsman author Mark Millars comics

Mark Millar. Twitter @zesty_tv

Jupiter's Legacy is a multi-generational drama that will follow millennial superheroes struggling to live up to their superhero parents' achievements over the course of eight episodes. American Jesus will be a Spanish-English show about a 12-year old boy who realises he is Jesus Christ and has powers to turn water into and perhaps even bring the dead back to life.

The feature film Empress is going to be about a queen on the run from her evil galactic dictator husband and will be penned for the screen by Lindsey Beer. Huck is about a boy special gifts who uses them for good and will be adapted by Ted Melfi. A third film will be based on Sharkey the Bounty Hunter, a second Netflix-Millar venture, which will be published next year. Michael Scott of 21 Jump Street fame has been roped in to write the screenplay.

It is also reported that Millar plans to create 20 comic book titles as part of a multiple-year pact with Netflix.

Updated Date: Jul 18, 2018 18:59:06 IST