Netaji Bose and The Lost Treasure promises to uncover the mystery surrounding iconic freedom fighter

FP Staff

August 18, 2017 21:29:47 IST

Netaji Bose and The Lost Treasure, a show that will air on History Channel TV 18, delves into the life and struggle for independence of the iconic freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose and his Indian National Army.

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Youtube screengrab from promo of Netaji Bose and The Lost Treasure.

Netaji Bose and The Lost Treasure's promo says that it will reveal new findings and pieces of the puzzle that are scattered around the world on the anniversary of the alleged disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. The show investigates all the strange and unanswered questions surrounding Bose's plane crash and alleged death, along with digging deep into his actions during the Indian freedom struggle.

Netaji Bose and The Lost Treasure will address many questions, such as why is it that despite the public demand and nation’s reverence for Netaji, no conclusive findings have been made on the circumstances of his death? What happened to the Russian documents in the possession of the Forward Bloc Party leader, the late Mr Chitta Basu? Why has the story of Netaji’s Radio Moscow Broadcasts in 1967 been allowed to die without proper closure?

Even declassified documents show that no satisfactory answer was found to the question of why Radio Moscow allowed “an Indian student” named Subhas Chandra Bose to make political broadcasts on a state controlled Radio in Communist USSR. Neither were the recordings of the broadcasts ever made available to the public, nor was the address of the person who made the speech.

Netaji Bose and The Lost Treasure promises to answer all these questions and more, as the show airs at 9 pm on 18 August.

Watch the promo of Netaji Bose and The Lost Treasure below

Updated Date: Aug 18, 2017 21:39 PM