Neil Gaiman dismisses rumours of Coraline's live-action remake as 'nonsense'

Press Trust of India

Jul 21, 2019 11:55:34 IST

Author Neil Gaiman has rubbished rumours that his 2002 novella Coraline is being developed into a live-action film.

Taking to Twitter, the 58-year-old author called the rumours "nonsense".

"If anyone has any idea where this 'live-action Coraline' nonsense started can you send me a link? All I can see is thousands of upset people who have apparently all heard it from each other," he wrote in a post. In another tweet, he said the idea of making a live-action film on Coraline never crossed "anyone's mind". "All I'm seeing is literally thousands of Tweets from people going 'No!'. I think it's had the opposite effect. If it had ever crossed anyone's mind (it hadn't) it would now not be a thing," Gaiman said.

The book was previously adapted into 2009 stop-motion movie, directed by Henry Selick. It hailed from Laika Animation Studios.

The story is about an adventurous girl, Coraline, who finds an idealised parallel world behind a secret door in her new home, unaware that the alternative world contains a dark and sinister secret.

Updated Date: Jul 21, 2019 11:55:34 IST