Naomi Scott discusses Aladdin fandom and meeting Will Smith on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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May 22, 2019 12:17:18 IST

Ahead of Aladdin's release on 24 May, lead actress Naomi Scott made an appearance on popular talk-show Jimmy Kimmel Live. The actress spoke about her future as the Disney princess, Will Smith and the love that her brother has for the actor.

Kimmel quipped saying Naomi will now be "doomed" to impersonated Princess Jasmine each day of her life. To that Scott jokingly agreed saying a group of screaming girls "attacked" her at a recent screening of the film.

Naomi Scott discusses Aladdin fandom and meeting Will Smith on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Naomi Scott on Jimmy Kimmel Live for Aladdin promotions. YouTube screengrab

Kimmel questioned her about the film as a brand and the fandom it has attracted over the years. Naomi seconded the statement and said Aladdin was a huge part of her entertainment while growing up. Her favourite was Jasmine while her brother loved Aladdin. The actress also added that the two siblings would often enact scenes from the animated film, but somehow, Naomi always found herself playing the monkey Abu's role.

Scott also shed light on her singing in Aladdin (since it's majorly a musical). She worked with Simon Hayes (Les Miserables) on the musical numbers.

Talking about her co-star Will Smith (who plays the role of the genie), Scott admitted she was a complete fan. "He is the least disappointing superstar to ever meet. I highly recommend meeting him." Recalling a fun anecdote, Naomi said her brother had a life-size cut-out figure of Smith and that he still possesses it even after his marriage.

Watch the interview here.

Updated Date: May 22, 2019 12:17:18 IST