Nagarjuna Akkineni shoots in Mumbai for Ram Gopal Varma's action entertainer — All you need to know

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Feb,09 2018 12:41:58 IST

After collaborating on Ram Gopal Varma's debut film Shiva in 1989, Nagarjuna Akkineni is back with the director for an upcoming action entertainer based on a cop. The untitled project does have a release date yet, however the production on the project commenced on 20 November at Anapurna Studios. The news broke after Akkineni took to his Twitter profile to share stills from the sets.

Nagarjuna Akkineni shooting in Mumbai for his upcoming film with Ram Gopal Varma. Image from Twitter/@iamnagarjuna

Nagarjuna Akkineni shooting in Mumbai for his upcoming film with Ram Gopal Varma. Image from Twitter/@iamnagarjuna

Akkineni is currently in Mumbai shooting for the film and Varma and the actor have been engaging in friendly banter via Twitter, which has left fans of the duo delighted.

Akkineni has previously spoken about the film and his experience of working with Varma once again. "I must say I am impressed with what we are doing here. Ramu shows the same level of dedication that he did when he made Shiva. I think when a director is in awe of an actor, he tries to do something special with his vision. That's what Ramu is doing here. I feel our collaboration after so many years is going to be really special," said Akkineni, according to an IANS report.

When asked about what made him want to collaborate with Varma again, Akkineni said, "Well, going by his recent works, I shoudn't have (laughs). In fact, when he first came to me three months ago, I very clearly and explicitly told him to go back and work on the script and come back later, and not do two other films while waiting for my consent. Rather he should put all his other projects and ideas and away and just focus on my film. That was my condition for agreeing to do his film. He set everything else aside and worked on the script and came back to me. That's when I said yes. I feel Ramu has been doing too much work and a lot of it inconsequential and irrelevant. He has been way too scattered in recent years. But I feel this film will bring him back to his Shiva days," according to another IANS report.

Akkineni has also stated that the audience will get the same feeling of "imploding violence" in his upcoming project as they did with Shiva. He was reportedly felt "moved" when he read the script, and is sure that this movie will bring Varma "back to form"

The movie will be produced by Ram Gopal Varma and Sudheer Chandra under the R-Company banner.

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